Saturday, September 6, 2008

My beautiful blog!

I have long admired the creative and personalized blogs of friends and acquaintances but didn't have a clue how to make my blog anything other than BASIC. Thanks to my dear friend Jill, Smith Soup has a whole new look !! Sweet friend, she just can't do anything with the fact that we Smiths seem to just have BAD photographs but didn't she do an awesome labor of love with the blog body itself?!!! ?? All that I did (read : all that I COULD do) was pick out the background color pattern and Jill took off!! I learned a bit more about backgrounds and such from her as we spent the afternoon in cyber space together and had great fellowship together as she worked. A neat little God -given extra was when she put the button in the header, but wasn't really sure why. I had to smile. My gramma was a depression era professional seamstress, who saved everything left over from her many projects. She had an old cookie tin which was filled with years of leftover buttons. My mom followed her example and kept a button box too. My botton box is a mere wisp of a shadow of theirs but I can't waste even a button myself. SO, the button kind of represents my heritage: something that went into who I am long before God began to cook up "Smith Soup" in my adult life. I am so blessed by the wonderful people God has brought into my life, who season ME and add their own flavorful influences to SMITH SOUP!!


Jill said...

Good Morning Dear Friend,

It was pleasure to help create a header that represents your beautiful family!

I love you and so touched by your heart and how you allow Him to work through you daily!

Have a blessed day!
In His amazing grace,

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Looks GREAT!!!!

Amy said...

It is a beautiful blog Linda and I am so excited that you started a blog now! :0) Amy