Thursday, September 11, 2008

reading and fundraising

I am reading THE ART OF LISTENING PRAYER and RED LETTERS, by Seth Barnes and Tom Davis respectively.
WOW!!!!!!!! That is a lot to take in all at once but I am being so challenged by both of these men through their writings!!! Maybe nothing "new" theologically, but like fresh water ideologically.............combining the two authors thoughts and intents, I can say that I am growing in how I am willing to spend time with God: being filled and developing a deeper, fuller, and richer relationship with my Father
so that I am better equipped BY my Father to be used in more and more areas of my life, and the life around me. OK maybe a bit of a run on sentene but that would sum it up at the moment!!! Please check out both of their blogs from my blog list if you are not reading them already (making a big jump of an assumption that there are more than two or three of us reading what I write at all!!)
AND, on the fund raising front, my dear precious dentist wanted Tupperware catalogs TODAY when I told her , over the pulling of daughter Rachel's two really bad teeth, that we would be doing a Tupperware fund raiser for our next kiddos! Her first question to me after HOW were we today was, "WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH YOUR ADOPTION PLANS??????????????????? " She told me to absolutely bring catalogs in to the office and she'd get them around and would definitely order some things!!! She shares office space with her brother who is also a doctor so I am anticipating great participation from their office!! Churhc and the bowling alley are bing alerted, so is the home school group, the basketball group.................I took letters to several businsses asking for OSU sports event parking donations....I asked if the businesses who sell parking spaces for the football games would donate 1/10 of one days' proceeds to our adoption fund. I know that a lot of the funds are used for mission trips and such, and the Humane Society, so my thinking was 1/10 of one day from a number of different locations would not "hurt" thier pre-planned giving, but woud SURE help us!!!!!!!! Praying over who else to visit and getting the word out...I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!PRAYING SAMUEL ELIJAH AND KEREN JUBILEE HOME!!!!!

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Jessica said...

Hey you! Followed your e-mail to this blog - really nice!

I just wanted to let you know, if you're interested in doing a Home & Garden Party after the Tupperware one (or during) I would be more than happy to donate my profit (40%) and yours (20%) to the cause.