Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Presidential campaigning has opened a lot of new / old dialog, dissent, heated arguementor introspective thought and personal reflection about LIFE. I'm reading more PRO-LIFE stories in the news than I have since the early 1990's when we were so deeply involved.
One candidate feels that it is the right of one human being to order and pay for the execution of a baby in the womb AND also the right of one human being to choose to allow an "unwanted" or "unplanned" baby who is born alive despite efforts to prevent such an event, to die: as long as that human is the baby's own MOTHER. One candidate stands staunchly entrenched in his firm belief that life begins at conception and is sacred, should be valued and protected. This seems like such a no-brainer; yet the enemy has done an excellent PR job in convincing people that "it" is not a life:YET (something I simply do not "get" ) that "it" is a "choice" and that "it" is a "just a 'Fetus' " . Its as if using a word other than "baby" somehow diminishes the fact that any "fetus" ... a Latin word for "little one" has value or the right to his or her life, or should be treated any differently than a bigger person or one with a mother possessing different beliefs.
This week our family has been hit squarely in our reality how precious LIFE is. Even in grieving today over the loss of my daughter's baby,at 11 weeks into her pregnancy, and discovering that the baby probably didn't even live past about 3 or 4 weeks, we KNOW this was a life and we are very sad that the life created by the love between my daughter and my son in law will not be born into and grow up in our lively rambunctious love filled family........ we won't get to know Baby T .....for now. God in His wisdom, allowed us all to know there WAS a baby, but then took that child Home before Hannah got to feel the life kicking, before Jon could put a hand on Hannah's belly and feel a kick for himself. It was LIFE , it was cherished and it was anticpated. The absence of any of those emotions would NOT have made my grand baby baby any LESS
of a LIVE LIFE. I don't know why this baby was taken into the presence of the Father so early in his/her life but I know that Heaven is now Baby T's home. I know that the D&C Hannah experienced this afternoon was only a closing of a chapter of her newly married life, and I know that she and her husband are grieving that their tiny baby, so loved so eagerly awaited , and now so missed. How could there be any question that pregnancy produces LIFE??

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Jennifer said...

I agree whole heartily :) We are praying for Hannah and Jon! I do understand God's Plan not making sense! I'm ready to go to India and not understanding His plan for our adoption!

Praying for your family!!