Saturday, September 27, 2008

God's faithfulness through Tupperware!

What a week! All are busy weeks but add working a Tupperware fund raising campaign into the mix and, yes, BUSY is a very underestimated assessment of the situation. I am so pleased to be able to share that we had just under $600 in sales!!!! We will make 60% of that in funds toward our adoption !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the events of Thursday and Friday with Hannah and the baby, not Charlie forgetting his phone and then being "missing in action" late into the night can diminsh how thrilled I am at God's providence! My sales rep was so excited as well at the success of this campaign. She encouraged me to open another month long fund raiser, or as many monhth long fund raisers as I wanted to do because even in this great sale, there were a lot of folks I couldn't touch base with and complete a sale.
I did work hard, but God gave the increase, as the Aposlte Paul would say.
Little by little God is providing, and I am going to praise HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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