Friday, September 5, 2008

Fridays and ramblings from a Mamma 's heart

Last Friday daughter Esther received a "promise ring" from her boy friend Casey, after 6 months of a relationship. She is a college freshman on her way to becoming a dentist so marriage any time before graduation from at least her undergrad degree is out, she reassures me, AND I reassure her!!!!! Tonight our almost 15 year old daughter, Jael went on her first "group date" aka "hanging out" with a boy who she knows from youth group, basketball and home schooling. Grief!!! It has not even been three months since daughter Hannah got married and only one month since she knew she was "about to be late" and tested + with the test stick!! This is really life in the fast lane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A year ago Hannah had just met Jon and was not interested in dating him, or anyone. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaac was signed up for Junior Varsity home school basketball team tonight and Rachel wrote her first real (NO help from Mommy...) letter!!!! In the middle of all that everyone has stopped along their way to here or there, or there to here, to ask "Have you heard anything from Earlene (our sw who is doing our home study) or Ghana today??????????????????" Even some of the kids' friends want daily updates on what is happening in our process to adopt our newest sweeties. Several of the kids' friends have asked if we'd adopt THEM! One of our elders from church who wrote a recommendation letter for us to our social worker said he wanted to write on his form "I WISH THEY'D ASK TO ADOPT ME!!" and he is 71.
No word today that our rough draft is ready to proof read, so maybe early next week. I hope so....I am so ready to take the next step in our process and hopefully be asked to be matched with THE CHILDREN who will be OUR children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS he 9?? IS she 5??? Is it the little boy I "think" is going to be ours??? IS our little girl even at the orphanage yet??? Every post I read from other families who are preparing to travel to Ghana for their children excites me deep in my spirit for when it is or turn to travel and our turn to start parenting our new children!! For now it has to be enough to pray for them when I pray for all of our children, so I will and I do and I shall, continue to pray and trust our Heavenly Father to keep the clock for us and to keep me focused on all that is happening in our home now as He prepares all of us for that next chapter!!!!!

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Room For More said...

I, TOO, am SO excited to see the next chapter unfold at Smith see exactly who God's brings into your family...they will be blessed children, indeed.

Love you all!