Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Just another day in paradise" the song says.............

The past four days here might just be what that song was about, if you've ever heard it. Regarding the washing machine: "Honey DON'T KICK IT!!" "Promise I'll fix it!!" Yes, like that!! Despite the fact that the dishwasher died on Saturday morning with a sink full of birthday party prep stuff and a dishwahser full of the rest of the birthday party food prep items, we got all the dishes washed and put up, the party was a terrific success and the kitchen was clean before I went to bed, oh around 1:30. The Hannah and Grammy Linda created Disney princess two tiered cake : one tier blue, and one tier pink was sprinkled with colored sugar sprinkles and was beautifully colorful with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY across it, the potato salad, pasta salad, rice, beans, beef burgers and venison burgers were supurb! The 40 + people celebrating my grand daughter's birthday had a great time I think, whether they sat on the deck in the PERFECT late September evening weather,bounced on the trampoline, swang or slid or climbed on the playset, played football, baseball, or rode the horse. Maddy was so sweet with her gifts, opening something and running to the giver with a huge hug and a loud "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!" She later told Hannah, "Mommy?" I wasn't GREEDY at ALL and I made sure I told everyone 'thank you' didn't I!!!"
I was so thankful for the diversion of the party for Hannah and Jon's stil grieving spirits. Sunday's worship music , since I am the worship leader was led by God to be all about praise, thanksgiving and God's faithfulness, and His mercies which are new EVERY MORNING. Some of the words God had me choose were hard for me to sing, and impossible for me to look toward Hannah or Jon over, for sure, but God IS FAITHFUL and His Word does not come back void. Our wonderful Heavenly Father ministered His comfort and His loving kindness all through the day!
Sunday was also our family outing day and we went to see "Fire Proof" at the closest theatre showing it:45 miles away. IT WAS 100% worth the gas in our Big Green 12 passenger Glory Bus to make the trip. GO SEE THE MOVIE if you are married, want to be married, know someone who is married .....JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll see why as you watch the movie. Its on my list of Christmas gift ideas now!
Monday was supposed to just be a "Regular school day" RIGHT? It was until a teen aged boy decided to go racing up our country road so fast that he didn't see what he created for my young children to see and create last night's nightmares about: his slamming into Esther's Corgi pup, at the edge of the road, sending him up in the air, and careening down the road on his head.The teen driver did not stop. Now that we have identified him, we will be visiting him and his parents this afternoon, with the $150 vet bill so that we could determine if he was too injured to let live or if he would be able to recover. Since this would have been the 5th dog we lost this year to careless drivers (some in MY DRIVEWAY and NOT my family!!) I was thrilled to discover that his puppy bones were still soft enough to not have been broken. The concussion will heal, the dislocated hips will heal, he will walk again, maybe he will even bark again. After running puppy ICU I was thrilled to have a quiet dinner date with dh Charlie . Some hard decisions were made about our adoption plans but some really good ones too; a few more details to follow after we finish the conversation our Army son in California interupted with on his first chance to use his phone in 4 weeks due to a desert training exercise . All's well that's ending well, and I'm ready to call it a night when dear Hannah called with apparent scary complications from Friday's D&C. My quiet night ,and my date with DH was postponed as I spent the night with Hannah and Jon in the ER. She is OK but needed quite a bit of intervention and meds. Suffice it to say I am a sleepy Mamma today!!!!!!!! Hannah is feeling way better she told me and for that I praise God. His mercies ARE new every morning and I am still singing "Great IS Thy Faithfulness"
The puppy just peed about a gallon, Esther reports, his first "offering" since before the accident at 1 yesterday!!!!!! Hurray!!!
We thought that the wiring had gone out in the kitchen along with the dishwahser, but AGAIN, Praise God, it was something easily remedied and repaired. We can wash dishes by hand for a while ( NOT my favorite chore to be sure,) but at least we are not doing it in the dark or by candlelight!!!!! Blessed be the name of the Lord! My heart WILL choose to say "Lord Blessed be Your Name!!"
VERY near to announcing our adoption plans, school happened today, I am coherent and Oh............. Charlie also shared last night that he got the really big refinery contract that he'd been working for several months..... This is HUGE!!!
JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love our life!!!


Tami said...

Oh Linda! What a day. Praying for a boring ole plain week for the rest of it. Hugs-

Jill said...

Oh my - never a dull moment in your house!

I'm so sorry for the puppy and your dishwasher going.

Praying you have a peaceful and quiet week soaking in the Lord's mercies!

Love you,
PS Can't wait to hear the final adoption plans!!!!