Wednesday, September 3, 2008

almost 26 years.................

since Charlie and I got married !! Our anniversary is the 18th. We missed our 23rd and 25th together because of Charlie serving 2 tours in Iraq . We celebrated our
25th a bit early last June by combining that celebration with our son Malachi's high school graduation and our son Caleb's wedding since he could only get one 2 week leave from duty. It was very special regardless of the date!!! The photos I have added are just a glance over the years from our wedding to the most recent ones in the family. 14 kiddos and a farm later we are still praising God for bringing us together! I don't know how or where we will celebrate this anniversary. Charlie is home, we are together ........THAT is the main thing!!!
What's next?? Praying about and moving forward to adopt two children from Ghana, hopefully before Hannah and Jon have their first child in mid April! Our home study is still in the works so no official referrals yet, but praying about a "virtual twin" for 9 year old Isaiah and little sister for 6 1/2 year old Naomi, and feeling as though we've got a "heart match" for who our son will be................can't say more than that until there IS more to say!!! (But he is sure a cutie with a smile that could light up a very dark sky!!!
Home schooling the youngest 6 has started for another year, only 1 kiddo in high school this year, two more Smith kiddos started college, bringing the total to 4 currently enrolled, one son serving in Iraq,and in December there will be 2. Just one with no big life changes going on and that's because she and her dh got their chiropractic clinic up and running last year....... celebrating 12 years of marriage this November will be their biggie. It will be 12 years for our oldest son and his wife as well but he is the one who is in Iraq again right now, and he will miss his anniversary. How I thank our Heavely Father for His hand of safety on our family! Without taking that safety for granted even one second, I am trusting that Joshua and then Caleb will serve these next tours and return safely to their wives and families.
What a rich history we are recording as we live it out day by day.......this simmering pot of wonderful ingredients which are SMITH SOUP!

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Laurel said...

I can't believe how similar our lives are.

We celebrated our 26th anniversary in August.

We have 13 children.

We adopted 3 from Ghana this past spring, giving us 2 sets of "virtual twins" to go along with our 1 set of identical twins.

Our eldest son served 2 tours in Iraq. (Army)

We have 1 in college this year, and 2 in YWAM (after completing their AA degrees).

I am homeschooling the youngest 7 (ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 12, 15).

Blessings to your and your family!!!

Laurel :)