Wednesday, August 21, 2013

YES WE ARE .................. Past PA, past DTC and today we are LID! Waiting for RA!

LOL! Abbreviations! I thought the military had a lot but learning how to do a China adoption comes along with a whole set of unique abbreviations for the various stages in that process. I used to laugh at them in confusion when it was someone else's adoption. Today I am laughing in delight!
PA =Preapproval... ones application was sent electronically to China and the family tentatively pre-approved. There are numerous other paper-heavy steps before   sending a dossier and being  DTC , which = Dossier to China.  The next step is that dossier traveling by Fed Ex to China and being LID = Logged in  Dossier.  The next step, for which we are waiting is RA = Referral Approval. THAT step says YES we will be most certainly  traveling and then will come  scheduling   CA  =Consulate Appointment and  and TA which =Travel approval but   I am not sure in  which order those occur.

I saw this photo on another website last night and it thrilled my heart  to see our Levi Matthew, with a friend , being rejoiced over because he HAS A FAMILY ( smiles,  BIG smiles!) and continuing to pray for him and for us!  Won't you all pray along with us too, that all of the next steps fall into place  in the most expeditious time frame possible? Please pray that all of our expenses are covered and that when I travel, with whomever i am able to take, that we have traveling mercies and that the family at home have Staying Mercies?  We appreciate your prayers so very much!!!

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Kat said...

I was JUST thinking of you guys the other day and was so excited to see you posted and your WONDERFUL news!!!! We had to learn all the China adoption abbreviations as well...SOOOO worth it! Praising God at your news!!!!