Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hannah's Graduation from OSU

 Isaiah, Esther, Isaac, Jael, LINDA,Daniel, Hannah, Kari, Rachel, PAPA CHARLIE,Leah,Malachi, Naomi, Noah and Gideon 

Now add spouses, significant others and Grand babies ( where Isiah disappeared to I  do not know) ADD Casey and Logan, add Trace, Add Mady and  Charlie,(Blake was already booked too)   (Camille was sleeping so she's missing, her older 3 sibs couldn 't come), add Sopheak and Enoch ! Getting all these people to smile and not talk , all at the same time was hard work!

From Hannah's graduation from  OSU this past May, the sibs, the sibs with spouses/significant other and grand babies, missing Caleb  and family and Joshua and family but they were in our hearts and minds as we celebrated!  There are no words to describe how precious this family is to me; I am so blessed! What a special occasion this was : our first to graduate from college ! Hannah had asked for a crawfish boil for ages as a graduation party so off to Texas the Daddy went to get crawfish for The Event. We never dreamed it would be so cold in May and that our party would be moved indoors and next to a blazing wood stove  but that was how the day went. AND YES YES YES A GRAND TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!

                                                  DIPLOMA TIME!!!!!
                                              Riley Kay, Future OSU Grad maybe Class of 33?

                                          Crawfsh make folks get a bit crazy!! Son in love Casey and  Malachi     here
                                            YES  we   talk to our food!!!
                                         And we play with our food too!! Here you see live, creepy crawly
                                           "mud  bugs" waiting  for the boiling pot and then you see the
                                           cooked ones ready to peel and eat!

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