Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Global Girls a group for internatioanlly adopted Tween girls!!

 Kuddos to my friend Anita for cooking this up. I had shared on our Oklahoma International Adoption group this morning that I (as moderator) was hoping to foster some new friendships by having a "Roll Call" for the members of our group.  A common thread seemed to emerge that a number of us had tween girls who were wanting to meet and chat with other girls their age. Anita has launched a group for Christian Tweens, which can be supervised by us the parents and I would encourage that, as I invite you to give the group some thought for your daughters.
Here is Anita's post:

Hi all,
A Yahoo email group has been started for Christian girls ages 8-12 who have been adopted internationally. The group is called "Global Girls." If you have a daughter in this age range that would like to connect with other international adoptees, she is invited to join! Likewise, one

parent is invited to join if you feel the need to supervise your daughter's involvement. [Parents will not be posting to the list.] Myself and one other mother are moderating the group. We will make sure all discussions are appropriate for this type of venue (from a Christian perspective).

The website is

***PLEASE NOTE: Yahoo does not officially allow children under 13 to have a Yahoo Group profile. In order to make the profile an alternative date of birth will need to be given. Alternatively, your child could join the group under your profile.***

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me.



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