Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of MRI's and MRSA's

Jael's MRI  results came back: completely normal.  PRAISE GOD, no tumors or any other  such  "scary" things , but we are still no closer to a diagnosis or a course of treatment either. When the neurologist's office responded to our doctor, we were initially given an appointment in SEPTEMBER! I was dismayed to say the least and asked if the Neurologist could call or be called by  our  doctor to discuss a more relevant date to begin Jael's assessment. AS I prayed that we  could get Jael seen sooner  both the Neurologist's office and our doctor's office called to let us know that Jael had been moved up to January 26 . The plan is apparerently to do an evaluation and a "Real-time"  or "visual"  EEG. That is still 14 days away, but much better than no apointment or one so far off as to be "no appointment". Thankfully she has had no black outs for two whole days andv since I  have not received any "MRS. SMITH...........YOUR DAUGHTER............." phone calls , I can happily report that she has  gone almost THREE DAYS!
As for Isaiah and his MRSA infection, I wish that the report was better. He has had his leg wound packed , repacked and cleaned 4 times now. He has taken two rounds of anti-biotics, the wound is still very deep and very large. It is not really getting better, it is just no longer draining to the surface. NEXT STEP:  an ultrasound of the wound to determine depth and scope of the infection, and perhaps,  and likely,  an out- patient surgery under general anesthesia to open up the wound, debride and clean it to its core. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Despite good hand washing and hygienic practices, it would seem that the MRSA is out to get me too. I had a cut on one finger,;it healed just fine. A cut on my other hand has not healed as well and is looking supiciously like a MRSA infection. Our doctor ordered a dose of meds for me, just to be careful.
 In other news; Esther and Casey are expecting their first baby later in summer!!! The plan was to not announce the news quite so early but a couple of "insiders" got so excited , Esther and Casey decided to go public before any hurt feelings ensued.  The names  Clayton  -Something  and  Riley Kaye are being considered and Charlie/Charles   IS NOT. Esther was hoping  for another  Little Charlie  Smith cousin, but Casey says "no way".  Several of us have a "pink" feeling about this baby anyhow. We'll see, won't we!!!!
My  11th  Grand baby will be born in 2011...that' kinda cool isn't it!!
Some friends are going to Africa  later this month and it is so exciting to me to be able to send little gifts to our children and their wonderful care taker!! Mailing is never a good idea so we who have ties there all wait for others to help us out. I had such fun picking out little goodies!  I put together a new photo album of us for our children first and foremost!! Then, 6 awesome and fun shades of nail poilish for Diamoh, a new outfit, UNO for Junior as well as two Matchbox  Airplanes.  Junior  aspires to be an airplane pilot , and I want to encourage that any way I can!!!!  Punch balloons for all the children  and some love gifts for our care taker complete the package!  I started out thinking "Oh  this for that child  and a little this for that child and OH SHE will like THIS!"       STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is s a fine line between sending gifts and over extending someone else's weight allowances and gracious offer. . So while shopping  for gifts  sometimes  leaves me   feeling  like  I'm sending  "so little, "  when my "little"   is packed into someone else's luggage x how ever many other people are wanting to send "something little"... it adds up so very  quickly!! Nevertheless, I am so grateful for  a chance to send anything  over to keep us all encouraged and in touch while we wait............... and wait................I am hoping that the nail polishes will bring back smiles and happy memories for Diamoh  of the day that I painted her nails and then  all the other  girls' fingers and toes with her as my assistant.
After several days of really  cold temperatures , today's 38 feels almost  warm. NO it does NOT! It is still cold, my wood stove is still my most essential utility. Thoughts of steamy , humid West Africa  and S.E. Asia float over my chilly brrrrrrrrain and a blanket stays wrapped around my shoulders! For all of you who love the cold, ENJOY!! I wish you as much enjoyment as you can stand! When it's hot in a few months  and you are not so comfortable, I hope you'll wish me lots of warmth as well. Leah and I laugh often about how glad we are that God created such a wide temperature range and so many people to enjoy each and every degree of it!

Precious hands and feet!

From another angle...

Plaiting Diamoh's hair


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OH NO!! Can't believe you might now have MRSA! Prayers going up for you!

Sorry no diagnosis about Jael! Praying for her too!

WAHOOO! About Esther and Casey! Pretty exciting for sure!

Hugs and love!
Thanks for the update on J&D! They remain in our prayers!

Kat said...

Praying so hard for all infection to be cleansed from your family and blackouts as well. Hugs!!!

I miss reading your posts, TOTALLY :). I'll be hanging around to see how you guys are doing!!!!

Emma said...

Wow congratulations to Esther and Casey!! exciting news for you all!
praying for all that not-so-exciting stuff....

E x