Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flunking the "Proverbs 31 woman quiz" !!

YES I DID,  or I "would have"  if there were such a thing.
 In all of the busyness of  black outs,  MRSA infection, kidney infection,  broken bones, doctor visits, hospital visits, normal  life activities and such, it got colder and colder, we used the propane heater in the dining room more often and while I do know it's a propane piggy, I got too busy to  remeber to think about propane tank levels outside in our big tank. BAD MISTAKE!!!!  I woke up this morning to an incredibly cold bedroom and was  saved only by my electric blanket and thick sleep socks! My first thoughts were to re-set the thermostat and get things going again. Failing in that, a quick trip downstairs to turn on the  kitchen stove confirmed to me that YES  I had let the propane tank run out. It is 9 degrees outside and the wind chill makes it even colder. After taking Jael to school and  gassing up the car in those cold temps (found a gas station still offering  pre-Alaskan pipeline  leak/shut-down  prices) I called our faithful propane dealer who will come  to our rescue this morning...for $1.99 a gallon x 200 gallons.  SO  for now, the wood stove and small electric space heaters will keep us warm, we'll do school around the  woodstove , we'll fix anything hot in the microwave oven, we won't dry clothes or shower.  I'm hoping that the water heater and stove lines didn't get too much air in them overnight when the propane ran out. It's always a challenge to relight  things when too much air gets in those lines. NEW  RESOLUTION:  I will now write the propane delivery date on  the calendar on the  day  it is delivered AND on the next subsequent few calendar pages  to remind me to keep a closer watch.   Sweet Naomi, ever resourceful, just said, "Mommy, I brought you something!"  and gave me a bowl of parmesan cheese sprinkled  pasta which she had  cooked with  the microwave oven. Maybe I didn't flunk that "quiz"  after all!!!!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

oh goodness - never a dull moment in your home!

praying it is all fixed quickly!

love you and keep warm. how is daniel holding up?


whenpigsfly said...

I am keeping him super bundled!!! HE looksl ike he's outside on a cold day and not in the hosue but his hands and feet are warm. I'm holding him lots to make sure he is warm enough!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oooopppsss....oh well. God provides even in the nasty cold.... :) Praying you will have heat sooonnn!!