Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding preparation and another birthday! late afternoon additions

October is our really "birthday-heavy"  month with Isaiah on the 1st, Caleb on the 9th, Rachel on the 15th and then Naomi on the 30th. No other month has as many birthdays except September and except for DH  Charlie's birthday, those are Grandchildren ( Joshua's son and daughter, Caleb's son, Hannah's  daughter and son:  please note  I don't differentitate between bio and step...the children in this family are entirely IN the family!)  it is also our anniversary month.   SO, all tht said, we are going to eat Chinese  food for Naomi's birthday at her request and go the the Brandon Heath /  Jars of Clay concert  being held at a church about an hour from here.  She also has a very warm fuzzy fleece blanket being made for her by her mommy who is obviously NOT working on it becasue she is blogging about it!!   We actually missed Naomi's first birthday because we were traveling home from Cambodia with Noah on that  October 30. We lovingly remind her that she got a new big  brother for her first birthday!
The wedding is coming together , I HOPE  nicely! I am purchasing the necessary items a bit at a time to maintain cardiac efficiency, and I am really relegating tasks to others...REALLY!!! Well, OK one whom I recruited to help sew the  bridesmaid's dresses has been sick and then had a sick daughter, but  I'm TRYING!!!
I did get three bridesmaid's dresses marked for hemming on Monday night. I hadn't noticed at the store but was a bit aghast as a (former frequent and semi-professional) seamstress that the hems of the dresses were top-stitched on a machine!!!! If you don't sew this is meaningless to you but if you DO,  you know what I'm talking about. No nice invisible machine stitch or  hand sewn hemming job: TOP STITCHED, with no real hem at all! OUR finished dresses will be hand hemmed and the stitches will be invisible. If my helper  is well and her daughter is well, I'll have her mark my dress so I can get it hemmed too,  or maybe we can sew together while my girls play with her children. That would be fun! I still need to take Naomi and Rchel dress shopping.
Food:  I bought all the meat  two weeks ago, veggies can't be purchased till next week later for maximum freshness, but all the supporting food items will be purchased tomorrow, ditto the remaining paper products.
I have nothing to do with the cakes. They are a gift from Casey's aunt.  THANK YOU Aunt Sherri! !!!!!!!
Esther will have fresh yellow and white roses tied into green and yellow ribbons, her bridesmaids will have bouquets of fresh or silk or both, harvest flowers: sunflowers, mums, pansies, also tied into yellow and green streamer ribbons. Our groomsmen will have a yellow rose boutinierre (spell check says I got tht right on the first try!! LOL)  . We can make the floral arrangemnts  (we...ME) on Friday night after the rehearsal.
Barn and pasture preparation is NOT my department but I did go out and assess the needs yesterday when moving some buck goats from one pasture to another... to avoid being downwind of the muskiness of buck goats during the wedding ya  see... its all good now. Stands have been built and painted for the Bride  and her party to dismount their horses and be walked up the path to the barn.  Hirching posts have been made sound and are also painted. A railing is now being built to keep people from getting too close to our lagoon as they walk to the reception and we hope to have some golf carts to valet folks too! A 10 day ahead look at the forecast so far promises us a sunny  slightly cool day but  NO RAIN is in the forecast!! I am hoping for 70s temps but we'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The bridal party has jackets to go over their dresses but they also have STRICT  instructions from Esther that the jackets are for AFTER the ceremony, not during..
This falls into the "something borrowed "category along with my mother's /grandmothers/my ring. WE do not have enough horses of our own for all fothe bridesmaids, Esther, Casey and Charlie too. BUT we have 2 neighbors with horses that we will be borrowing to complete the procession. One neighbor who is pretty much a grafted in daugther  is going to bathe and  groom the horses for us, braid  manes and tails and keep them wedding -ready. I heard a little rumor that the Daddy of the Bride is going to buy some sort of Wedding Bling  for Sugar, Esther's pretty Paint mare too. That Daddy !!!
The house.
WILL not be as ready as I'd like just because it won't be. It will be as ready as I can get, but we live here every day. We home school here, we really  LIVE  here.............I'm hoping the back bathroom will be remodeled this weekend, That is my biggie expectation.
 It can happen, but Brandon Heath and celebrating Naomi's 9th birthday WILL come first!

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praising Him with you for all the celebrating to come!

Praying for all the final details and for GOOD weather!

Can't believe it is here - we have been praying about Esther's wedding for two years!

Love you!