Thursday, October 28, 2010

That Halloween question

Tom Davis whose writings I enjoy an am challenged by regularly ( RED LETTERS Living a Life that Bleeds....  PRICELESS the novel about sex trade in Russia....his blog, his Face Book page) posted about Halloween today that prompted quite a few comments about the subject. His  post is here  and its a good one.  Halloween  an ongoing discussion amongst my friends, some with long held postions ( "yes we do"   as well as  "no we do not")  and some with recently worn down positions,  and some still trying to figure it out .
I shared a comment on Tom's page and decided that I would share it here as well. His question was Do you celebrate Halloween?"

We don't, we haven't, and we won't particpate. My thoughts on it are that we do not encourage our children to tinker with things occult any other day of the year and that disguising them in candy and games doesn't make them any less occult. The underlying themes of witchcraft and demonic activty have no place in our lives any day of the year but Americans in their fun-loving ignorance have invited satan into a day of the year with no restraints. That day has turned into a more -than -a -month with all the store hype and sales promotions of things demonic scary, occult, and just plain ugly. There's nothing Phil. 4: 8 about it anywhere. Because we hae a lot of new believers in our circle lately, I think its even more important to remember not to cause anyone else to stumble. IF we say "avoid the very appearance of evil " but play with halloween, what message do we send? IF we quote "resist the devil and he will flee from you" but invite the things of the devil (again occult costumes, dead-play toys and symbols, witches and ghosts) into a "Celebration" of candy and "fun, what message do we send? We'll flee the devil tomorrow??? On the surface this "one day" may look like "simple fun" but lighten up??? I don't think so. The enemy is prowling like a lion to see whom he can devour. IF I'm munching Halloween candy and lugging my kids around in the dark amongst demon-mimicking children and their ghostly-ghouly looking friends, I might just be the next thing "munched on" and it won't be by a hardy late- fall mosquito.

Have a blessed day whate ever you all do on the 31st, but can we really ask God to bless us when we praticipate in something that condones and promotes anything of the devil and encourages others to do the same? That's my question.


Autumn Mist said...

This is very interesting, because I am amazed at the number of Christians in America that are really keen on Hallowe'en, even new mums buying their babies Hallowe'en outfits and saying how cute they are. In England the Christians are very against it, and it gets bigger here every year commercially. Personally I wouldn't want to celebrate evil at any time of year and totally agree with your comments.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Great post - may have to requote him on my blog soon! lol!

Emma said...

I think it's not so bad in the US than it is here in the UK, from what I can see. My only perceptions are from books and people's blogs, however I can see that it is more of a family-fun event where costumes don't have to be scary.

Here, that's not the case. I don't know if this would happen over in the US or not, but here on Halloween pranksters are often out doing things like throwing eggs and flour at people's houses or cars. In school everyone was given an official warning not to vandalise anything, sometimes by the police, and I know some old people who refuse to leave the house on Halloween.

What we'll be doing, oh we might have a little fun with ducking for apples and neepy lanterns, but we stay in.

I'm not sure how much of my perceptions are right, but here most Christians I know don't let their kids go to Halloween parties because it's celebrating evil. Still, there are a lot of others who wouldn't think like that!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great post! I agree 100%. We do not, in any way celebrate. We do not participate in the church "Harvest Festival" on the 31st. We just do NOT support this holiday in any way, shape, form, or name.


Laurel :)

Ranee said...

Well for Emma I can tell you that here where I live there aren't any type of pranks or anything that happens, it seems so far from anything evil that I can't believe it's like that in England! Just goes to show the differences.

I've always loved Halloween because I love to watch the kids and I love to pass out candy to them and see all their little costumes. I'm worried about the costumes now and how they are making 5 year olds look like street walkers. Not cool for me. I reevaluated things this year.

Sydney is a princess with glowing bottom and crown and all that junk. We primarily go to family members houses on that day and that is that. This year we're watching the true meaning of halloween and getting books on the subject which she seems more than interested in.

But I can see both sides of this and don't think anyone is wrong for not partaking. Although, I'm curious for you guys to tell me how you feel about this. Many of the churches in my area now do Trunk Or Treat. Do you feel that's a good alternative or just making it so kids don't feel left out of something you truly just don't believe in?

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

We are with you. We don't participate at all. This year we will be handing out Faith silly bands and tracts (Trick or Truth) with candy to all of the children that knock on our door. Only a tiny handful even say thank you after trying to empty the entire bowl for themselves.

It saddens me to hear "Christians" making light of this so calling holiday. I can't see how dressing up even in a cute costume to partake in the world aligns with God's word.

Live a consecrated life.
Love the world - then I and my Father are not in you.
Pretty clear to me.

Love you friend deeply!
Only 3 more weeks and we get to hug in PERSON!


Mary Ellyn said...

Celebrate the Reformation --- Oct 31, 1517 -- when Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the church door and we haven't been the same since (unless you are Roman Catholic).

whenpigsfly said...

Mary Ellyn, my son Gideon led a game of Pin the Thesis on the Door for a harvest themed party one year and it was a huge hit because he taught a lesson to the young children