Monday, October 4, 2010

No photos, just GLAD TO BE HOME!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Even though I was only home for about 25 minutes before it was time to pick Jael up from  the high school, take her to a doctor's appointment and to go the grocery store for things run out of over my absent weekend, it was HOME!!!!!!!!!! Daniel seemed to sense it too. His eyes were just darting from sound to sound as if trying to reconnect with them and put himself back into them. He  is doing very well, was not nearly as disappointed as his sister Naomi or brother Gideon that the Dolphins lost their football game so miserably , but rather fell asleep prettyearly on into the game.
Home cooked  Sloppy Joes with chips, Tater Tots and lots of conversation made for a great evening back with everyone. That wonderful lunch at Olive Garden with Charlie between Hospital and Home was pretty awesome too! Can't beat Minestrone Soup with fresh salad and bread sticks. Daniel didn't care about that. Lortab and a full tummy caused him to sleep though that entire part of his day.
How thankful we are to be home and that Daniel is doing so very very well! Better than a "Scoobey Doobey  Do Yah!!"

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