Friday, October 22, 2010

Field Trip at Calico Acres Farm

Well a little field trip anyhow. My friend Kember and her 2 year old son wnted to come and see our goats and maybe even get to milk a goat. Kember's friend and helper Elena wanted to milk a goat too so we set up a Mini-Field Day for yesterday. Baeden pettted the goats and had a blast . He was a bit hesitant about that milking thing and backed off from the opportunity but that didn't stop Kember or Elena! Rose was very helpful, stood very nicely still in her milk stand and Isaac and I (mostly Isaac ) taught the ladies how to feel for "the right spot" to squeeze and how to let the teat flow and how to let it re-fill. My photos are from my phone camera, and not very good at all. I know Kember and Elena took some which I hope are better meomentos of the day than are mine. On the way to the milking barn, we saw an unusual sight on the fence post of the buck goats' pen. A rather large spider was carrying a VERY large cricket on its back, I am guessing she was  en route to a web. Again, my photos are not good and the reason is two-fold. First : phone camera again with slow shutter speed and Second: Ribs is so friendly and affectionate! He kept trying to lick my hand as I steadied it on the post of his pen. His licking and prodding bumped my hand every time I centered on a "good shot" and I got Rib's assistant-type shots instead. We all got a great laugh from the experience anyhow!

Kember and Rose
Kember Rose and  Baeden

Elena and Rose

Elena excited at milking  successfully!

The spider and the cricket

Fascinating to watch, but I guess ya had to be there!!


Kat said...

Though I was going to make a fieldtrip home school comment :) I've decided that I need to video my one year old son whenever I click on your blog. He LOVES the music and starts dancing :).

whenpigsfly said...

Kat that is the best kind of comment. My Daniel can't dance but he sure loves to sing along!

Kember said...

what a fun adventure to read about. thanks again for letting us interrupt your day for a hand's on lesson at your farm!

whenpigsfly said...

It was fun Kember!!!