Saturday, October 23, 2010


After  a week of tests and doctor visits and negative test results so far, Jael  is still blacking out, still feeling queasy, light headed, nauseated and unsteady...most of the time  but not ALL of the time. The doctor asked that we start tracking Jael's blood glucose and so far she has tested in the low side of average or the high side of low, but not in the clearly " low" zone. Until tonight. In the middle of Praise and Worship music practice Jael called me and a very weak little, NOT-my-typical-bouncy-Jael sounding voice asked me, "IS 46 bad?"
I responded by asking if she meant her blood glucose and she said yes "That."   YES  JAEL, 46  is clearly  not normal, clearly  LOW LOW LOW"  I told her to get some milk and fruit into her system as quickly as she could and pormised toget home as fast as I could.
AH-------------HAA!!! perhaps we have found the culprit causing Jael's week-long mis-adventure! We will be monitoring  her diet, modifying her diet and checking her glucose levels to follow up, for sure!! I don't know if this has been brewing for a while. She hasn't had these kinds of symptoms before last week. I don't know WHY  or WHAT would cause it to start now, but if her root issue IS  hypo-glycemia, we can work with that!   Idenitfying the problem is always the first step. I hope we are on that step!!

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