Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special babies, rejoicing in heaven and on earth today

The sweet baby I shared  my prayers for the other  day,  quietly and on her Mommy's chest,  went home to be with Jesus this morning very early.   During the night and early hours of the morning, God was doing a wonderful  Body- thing:  a large numberof Kim's friends, myself included , were awakened and were in prayer for Selah and her family at that special  appointed time. You may read the details here.
If you don't go to the link, that is OK, for sure. BUT  will you hold my friends  Kim and Ben and their 10 other children up in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts? This is a very bittersweet time for them. Selah is healed ETERNALLY, but Selah their sweet baby girl is gone. Joy and rejoicing bump into sadness  and mourning...MISSING their precious little treasure-baby.  How wonderful it is to know that God by His Holy Spirit will be faithful in His comforting of "those who mourn", and that truly  HALLELUJAH,  "by His stripes we are  (Selah is)  healed". 
Our days with Daniel are uncertain and Selah's Homegoing makes our days with Daniel even more precious that they were already.  As Selah was rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus this morning, Daniel was singing and rejoicing in church with us this morning. As we sang  "His love endures  forever"  "I beleive in Jesus" "Here I am to Worship"  "Your Love Oh Lord "  and "The Power of Your Love"  Daniel sang at the top of his lungs! He smiled. He laughed. He roared his biggest happiest roars and he sang from the depths of his sweet being. I broke a couple of times as I led the worship when I heard him and looked over at him, worshipping in total abandon and pure trusting believing  innocense and adoration of the One Who was stirring his spirit. Jael was holding Daniel and he knew at that moment  EVERYTHING was as good as it could get  on earth  for a person, at least that is what I sensed from Daniel's personna.
How many days will we have like that with Daniel? I can't say. I can say that I don't want to waste a minute of any of them. I know Kim savored and used every possible minute of Selah's life loving her and helping her to know how loved and special and wanted she was. I want it  to be that way with Daniel too.


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Precious post sweet friend!

I love you dearly and praising God that we were all awake to pray over Kim and her family!

Praising God for Daniel's spirit being so ALIVE!

Cherishing every moment with you!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Love you my friend! Give Daniel a big ole kiss for us :)