Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 reflections

I have been playing 10th Avenue North's new song "This is Where the Healing Starts"  all week as my #1 song as you read SMITHSOUP. It is particularly appropriate today as we all, willingly or  not so much so,  reflect back on this day  nine years ago. Darrly  Worley's  "Have You Forgoten"  is my #1 today but only as a lead in for what GOD offers.....365 days a year.  He is our HEALER, HE is where the healing starts, HIS NAME, He is a strong and mighty tower, HE  makes it WELL with our souls, HE  our ABBA FATHER heals the memories and places them in right relationship with our walk with HIM.  Let the anointed , gifted music from God's own heart minister to you today as you run to Him, rest in HIm, cry out to Him,  know that I am praying over each of you today that you will let God meet you right where you are to do the work HE so desires to do in your lives. I am rejoicing with each of you who is walking closely with our Heavenly Father, and praying that your walk take you deeper and deeper. For those of you who are hurting and feeling that perhaps God doesn't care about your particular circumstances, or you simply would like someone to pray with you over a situation, I am praying Truth be revealed to you. OH HOW HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to email me privately if there is something that I can pray  together with you  over. I would be honored to do that! You can reach me at

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Love you sweet friend!

Remembering with you and praying for our country today!