Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Obviously it was not posting in my blog! Whew, wedding plans and wedding details that blew up like clay pigeons at a trap shoot were EVERYWHERE! Dresses that were ordered in the "right sizes" were not, dresses thatwere "guaranteed" for expedited delivery were NOT, the soundtrack for my solo ,  which  should have been easy to find was NOT. The daybefore the wedding should NOT have been filled with shopping for dresses that didn't come, but it WAS. BUT  BY GOLLY, it got done! Right up to the five minutes into the rehearsal I was shopping in case the dress we really wanted didn't show up so  Esther had SOMETHING lovely to wear for her position as Maid of Honor. She was working, Hannah wsa working, Sopheak was babysitting Charlie.  MOM  for sure had the time! God is good and the Mom somehow had 75 minute hours when the rest of you still hd the standard 60. Caleb and new wife Tiffany  with son Bryden got in Friday mid day from Kentucky. When everyone met up at the church for rehearsal, Tiffany jumpoed right in to helping Hannah decorate the arch underwhich everyone would pass at the entrance f the church. With turquoise tulle  and oddles of white silk flowers, it was very pretty! Thanks to both of them for their beautiful work! My dear friend Jenny and I decorated the pews of the church with white silk roses tied in turquoise ribbons , I sewed the ring bearer pillows to match and decorated the flower girl's baskets too. Simple but so pretty!
THE WEDDING. It was  L O V E L Y!!!!!!!!!! Malachi and Sopheak were beyond precious and the whole service was nearly picture perfect. Our friends Jenny and Rich stood in for Sopheak's parents and Rich walked Sopheak down the aisle and presented  her to Malachi. Two of  their boys   are Malchi's best pals so were best man and grooms'men, two of their boys are adopted from Liberia and served as ring bearers. Their daughterwas our wonderful photographer. With Naomi and our grand daughter Mady as flower girls  and Leah, Jael and Esther as bridesmaids, it was a wonderful , international around the world family celebration!  A dear friend of Sopheaks' who also knew Malachi has obtained his studnet visa  and is studying in Texas.  He flew in for the  wedding, our dear friend Polina here in town who is alos Khmer, was  thrilled to have so many people with whom to converse in Khmer! Missionary kid   friends form Cambodia who now live in OKC  came up as well. WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!! 
The wedding ceremony was so beautiful, the reception was casual and fun.not wihtout its glitches  but fun andI so appreciate all our friends who popped into the kitchen to help put food out and keep it miving. I am so sorry to all of them foe what I think was my BIG goof...............three pounds of sliced meat (98 slices of hone y ham) never made it out for the guests. I found the meat in the fridge as I as cleaning up............. but itseems to have been OK.  The cheese cake  instead of traditional wedding cake was a big hit. I served lots of  fruits and sauces for toppings  as well as a triple chocolate grooms' shortage of goodies even if the han was MIA!
Sopheak and Malachi had asked me to sing, but the song they requested didn't have a sound track available. The karioke vrsoion was  so  Elevator Music I summarily rejected it.  Our family  song   however "Masterpeice " by Sanid Patti was the perfect fit  and that is what I sang. After their poignant vows I do not know quite HOW I was able to sing  but that song was my deepest heart felt gift to both of them from all 4 parents and it went well.
In between wedding festivities there was the death of Riblet, and  the ongoing trial for cusotdy of Jon's son  Blake.  THAT was Thursday.  I was  really sad that Ribelt died. She was  such a cutie , but it seems that Worthless  goat is able to care for one baby and Todd is thriving.  we put him back with hr "jsut to see"  and she took him and let him nurse!!! I was so glad to be able to be with Hannah for that afternoon of trial and testimony! I was doubly glad that Charlie was able to be with her too!!!! Not  finally decided as we'd hoped,that case resumes on October 7, but I feel confident that Jon is going to prevail as custodial parent of 12 1/2  year old Blake. He NEEDS to be!!!!
Daniel has had another milestone  in that today he was fussy  to tell me that he was hungry!! He has never done that before ever!!!!! Feeding was no easier, it never is, but HE TOLD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not know what all God has in store for us as Daniel's family, or for Daniel as the miracle baby who got out of Liberia  during a suspension, but God has sustained him for a Purpose  and that is undeniable.
His sweet smile  when he is not irritated  can rally light up a whole house...not just a room!  Even when he is irritated, I know that he is sensing "something" and reacting. That is important!!
Wedding over its back to "regualr life". Tomorrow Naomi and I will go to her pedi-gastroenterologist for a check up and lab work to test her Hep B  viral load numbers. Her count has been climbing , her doseage was increased in May so now we'll test to see if the increased dose will be  of any benefit to my sweet 8 year old daughter.  If not, I don't know  "what".  her options are very very limited. God knows that too, and I trust Him completely. Daniel will see his pedi gastroenterologist  on Sept 7. Trustfully we will schedule Daniel's Mickey button surgery for his feeding tube.TRUSTFULLY surgery will be scheduled for shortly after our consultation!!
So the rest of this week? Pay bills, finish praise and worship music for Sunday and  have  a worship practice on Thursday night, set up some curriculum for our new school year and Friday I HAVE A DATE!!!!!
In November  2009   I bought Charlie tickets to Sean Hannitys' FREEDOM CONCERT  in Tulsa. He has wanted to go for seveal years but there was not a concert close  enough. These tickets were his Christmas gift and he has been waiting  all year for his Christmas present!  I splurged and got  REALLY, I mean   
 R E A L L Y     good tickets! Daniel will go with us but those Row 2 seats on the floor should have plenty of room for his  jogging  stroller.  I am shifting gears to prepare for Esther's wedding in early November as  I set up school  and  prepare for Daniel to have "Mickey button"  feeding tube surgery in September too. I can not wait fo that surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate how yucky feeding time is for Daniel and me  and I look forward to a simpler less traumatic time of meal delivery after his next surgery! God has been so good to help us get through  the feedings for now, butit is still VERY difficult.
Photos to follow from the wedding. The edited photos are not    ready yet but  I do have the raw and inedited. They are REALLY VERY GOOD as they are!!!!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praising God with you!

You are right - God gives you 75 minute hours!

Love you!

Denise said...

WOW you have truly been a very busy mom.I am happy to hear Daniel has an appointment.Our Liberian babe Jax got a feeding tube(mic-key) 4 weeks ago.The best thing we could of done he has whopped on 3 lbs in 4 weeks.Daniel will be so much better once he gets it.God bless!

Michelle Riggs said...

I loved reading about the wedding. Praising god for blessing your beautiful family.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

A wedding how wonderful! Weddings are great :) Sorry it was a bit nuts right before. It was recommended to me that I connect with you by someone who heard the recent prognosis we were given for our youngest son Jeremiah. I was crying and cheering when you said your sweet boy cried to let you know he was hungry! Our Jeremiah does not cry to eat and it is the strangest thing to me!

I look forward to following along your journey of life. You are living my dream of a big family :)