Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and then there were two.....but blessings abound!

Little Magggie goat did't make it through the night. "Worthless goat" renamed Trina  and then yesterday stripped of her new name and reinstated as "Worthless goat" did not tend to her babies. At all. Won't nurse them, won't stand still for them to latch on, found kicking her babies more gratifying than letting them nurse. I found them mid-day in the barn and  I really thought that  Maggie was already dead. Riblet and Todd seemed stronger than magie but not by much. It was over100 degrees in the shade,and with no fluids or calories, I am sure  that three little goats in fur coats were feeling the temp to be much hotter. I borught them in, made some electrolye and goat milk mix, fed them with a syringe so I could log what they took in, and placed them in the bathtub for safe keeping so I could take the boys to tennis and go eat.BAD MISTAKE. Sick dehydrated newborn goats with intestinal issues  STINK UP A ROOM. We gently bathed the goats, prepared a large caged place for them outside under a tree, put towels down for softness and hoped for the best. Maggie's best was to let go and stop striving.  We have done well all day with syringes and baby bottles, the remaining babies are pretty frisky and the intestinal issues seem to be slowing down. It was too hot in the back yard so they were moved again. This time to my concrete floored laundryroom. Its well ventilated so I hope they will do well and not stink us out of that NECESSARY place!
I did not fall off my ball, did not sink a rake deep in a cake, and did not go to the political reception. Neither did the candidate for Governor, Mary Fallin,   since  SOTHOR Nacny P called all the Representatives back to Washington to pretend to have an honest election about more bailout money, but I digress.   I had dinner with my family instead, did some more wedding shopping and planning, and messing with needy goats, She's already got my vote and there is nothing Jebb Bush and I can do for each other anyhow, right? I don't need a  "Mutual Admiration Society" .
Got lots of wedding things done today, lots of details ironed out, and took Sopheak  ( and BabyCharlie) to OKC  Airport to pick up her friend Hak who is currently a student in Texas  but is also Khmer. He knows both Malachi and Sopheak so its a special reunion for the three of them. I had not seen my little Charlie Man for almost two weeks , now that Sopheak is babysiting him and I was missing him big time. I could tell from the huge smile he  gave me when I came to pick them up that he was missing me too!! He ran to me and cuddled so sweetly. THAT made for a great day even if everything else had been junk in a trunk.  It was NOT.
We had a fun day and I even got to spend some time in our pool with the kiddos.  STILL do not have the sound track for my wedding song.........................but I  got to swim!
Church is started with decorating  (THANKS   JENNY  ABBY and ANDY for your help!) and so is Fellowhip Hall. I'll go work tomorrow morning before I go to court with Hannah, Jon and Blake. TRUSTFULLY tomorrow is the last and final day of the custody "thing" and when we come out of court Blake will be in Jon's custody.
It was just a fun family filled day. Got to see and/or  talk to all my big in-town children, got to get things done AND have fun together. I love the bond between Hannah and Jon wiht Malachi and Sopheak as I see it growing. Love having Malachi and Sopheak back home and entertaining their friends too.
Living  a  super blessed week inside of a SUPER BLESSED LIFE! No everything is not perfect, but my God IS and His way is perfect. On His path for me, life is perfect! Blessed be the Name of my Lord!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praying over you and the details to be made straight and easy the last two days!

Love you,

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Can't wait to hear all about the wedding ... see wedding pics ... and visit with you all, again.

Wondering if it would work for us to change our dates. What does the 21st - 23rd look like for you ... arriving evening of the 21st ... leaving morning of the 23rd. (We plan to "camp" in our trailer in your yard, if that works.)

Also, if it would be better for us to just visit for the day, Brent says that we can "camp" at his house, as well. So, just let me know what works ...

Let me know ...

Could you email me? I can't find my list of email addresses, and they're not on this computer. Also ... let me know your phone #.