Monday, August 23, 2010


Lets try this again. I'm not having much "luck " getting these to upload or go where I want them! ** UPDATE fuss:   OK  now its cutting off words and parts of photos. GROWL!!!

This is from the Cambodians ceremony but I like the photo
Sopheak getting ready

Hannah helping Sopheak with her veil, she decided against it
Rings tied onto the Ring Bearers' pillows

Zach, Malachi, Josh and Ben

 The Great Gramma

Zach walks me in...see?  I have shoes on!

Jenny as Mother of the Bride comes in with her son the Best Man

Jenny as stand in Mother of the Bride and I light the family
candles for the Unity candle ceremony later
Bridesmaid  Jael with Zach
NO PHOTO of bridesmaid froze

Maid of Honor Esther  Best Man  Josh
 Naomi, with  Mady hiding behind her

Stand in Dad  Rich Kirby escorts
 the Bride to her Groom

Rich presents Sopheak
 on behalf of Leng and Borrha

Linda singing MASTERPIECE, dedicated
to Sopheak and Malachi
from both sets of very proud parents

Saying their vows to each other
Happy bridesmaids watch their big brother and new sister!

Exchanging  of the rings

The kiss before the lightingof the Unity Candle
and the Pronouncement of
Their song? " I've Got a Feeling
Tonight is
 Gonna be a Good Night!"

What a wedding party!! 
Malachi, Esther, Jael and Leah

That beautiful window and all that sun
 are causing
some adjustment
and  editing probs  but its happening.
I just don't have the edited photos yet!

How much prettier
could two sisters be?
My guys!
Isaac, Casey,
Malachi ,Daniel
 Isaiah, Jon, Noah,
 Gideon, and Caleb

Hannah and Jon with
 their children
Blake, Mady
and Charlie
Caleb, Tiffany
and Bryden

Charlie Daniels with his "Fiddle"
 "The Devil Went Down
to Georgia"

Sean Hannity with former
OK Congressman  J C WATTS,
 someone I really respect
almost all of the time.
 All those bright and
colored lights
 really distort skin tones!

Lt Col. Oliver North bragging
Hannity's generosity.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, who did a really energized
 crowd pleasing set
 of old and newer music
 from their repertoire.
God and Guns was good,  I really just wanted
 to hear
 "Sweet Home alabama" and record it for Esther.
We   did!!!
Daniel and I  danced while Charlie video'd.
wonderful room at Renaissance Hotel
 later and
 really good artichoke, feta cheese,
 and roasted red peppers and chicken
pizza too~


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

What beautiful memories!

Love you so much!

xoxo Jill

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love those sweet. Looks like it is cutting parts off??

Michelle Riggs said...

Love seeing all of the beautiful pictures! You have such a beautiful family. We need a video of you singing.

Miss you guys!