Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family, watching my blessings grow!!

From two weeks ago back only three we've changed and grown!
                                                                          August  2010

Starting with my mom The Great  Gramma, next to her is Jon, next to him is Hannah holding Mady's hand, behind Jon is Isaiah, behind him is Tiffany, behind Hannah is Caleb,next to Hannah is Baby chalrie reaching for Pappa Charlie, in front of the Charlies is Naomi, behind the Charlies is Rachel, behind her is Bryden,
next to the Charlies: Malachi with Noah behind him and Sopheak with Isaac behind her, I'm holding Daniel, behind me is Blake,next to Daniel is Esther, behind him is Jael, behind Esther is Casey, next to her is Leah, behind Leah is Gideon.    Jon, Hannah, Blake , Mady and Charlie go together,  Caleb, Tiffany and Bryden go together, and of course Esther and Casey go togther.

                                                             4th of July 2010  Malachi and Sopheak were still in Cambodia

                                                                    September  2009 Caleb was home, Joshua was going to Kuwait, the rest of us were welcoming Baby the GRAND  BABY Charlie David born September 14. Courtney had left  the family and was not part of this celebration. Dana the mini-Schauzer is also  no longer with us

                                                                           December 2008
               No baby Charlie, Casey was fairly new to the picture, Sopheak was in Cambodia, but not far from Malachi's heart. Caleb had just left for Iraq, Joshua was already there 

                                                      October 2007 Welcoming the Daddy back form Iraq. Here he met Jon , the now  serious beau of Hannah, for the first time. Caleb and Courtney were still together.

                                                   June 2007 Joshua came for a visit. Gideon was sleepy, Charlie was in Iraq. Malachi was a fuzzy-top and Hannah had just met Jon. There was no Casey on the mind of Esther and Sopheak was still "just a friend"

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Your family has God's hand all over it!

Love you so much! Thanks for sharing this post :-) You know I have been doing this myself!