Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One more reason why I believe in NUCCA Chiropractic!

Many of the members of our family see the Chiropractor for a variety of issues. Our Chiropractor belongs to NUCCA, National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, which practices gentle manipulations of the first cervical vertebrae alongwith several wonderful  deep massage tools called "Activators". When more than a dozen "traditional doctors" were not able to diagnose, treat, or help our daughter Hannah, it was Dr Matt who assessed her issues, began to treat her and the results were amazing! After 8+ years of headaches diagnosed as non-migraine, migraine, sinus, non-sinus, eye related, not eye related, digestive issues not resolved by gall baldder surgery ( on a 16 year old) pyloric sphincter surgery three times,   ultimately black outs which caused   a serious car accident and a voluntary surrendering of her driver's license.Dr Matt was the one who was able to bring healing to Hannah. She has been symptom free for 5 years! Dr Matt has done wonders for Malachi who was in such a messed up spinal situation that short games of basketball put him in such hip and back pain,  he thought that he'd have to quit the sport he loved   in high school. After seeing Matt for several months of treatments, he too is a changed person! To his honest credit  when  I stopped responding  to being  adjusted , he x-rayed and he diagnosed the  arthritis in my hip joint and told me that chiropractic  would likely no longer be beneficial to me, but deep muscle massage, Glucosamine with MSM,  good hydration and calcium supplements, and NSAIDs like Motrin  would help. Until the arthritis spread in my hip socket when I had hip  pain being adjsuted did help remarkably. ONLY Matt was able to help unlock my knee last year when it locked up for 9 days. It took him a full hour of working on my knee but without puling , jerking or twisting he freed up my knee. He has helped Isaac and Jael as well. When we started  talking about bringing Daniel home, Matt asked me if he could provide care for Daniel to see if he could help him and he believed that he could do him some good. When Daniel first came home  he was  irritable , very tight, ver rigid. We saw Matt right up to the day before the shunt surgery.We were told that Daniel could start his stretching exercises with me about a week or so after his surgery and Matt affirmed that this would be a good time to resume chiropractic adjustment as well.
I shared yesterday how Daniel has been more irritable since his surgery, tight and not sleeping well, cranky and unhappy. We saw Dr Matt today. He noticed immediately that Daniel was as tight and irritable today as he was the first time he saw him and started adjustments. The results were not all immediate, but he did begin to relax and stretch back out like he'd been prior to surgery.
AND  TALKING TO ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cried like a baby when he let out with that first coo-sound and smile !  All  Icould s ay was "Thank You Lord" and "BABY  Mommy MISSED you!!!" I had called the neurosurgeon earlier in the day to discuss my concerns about Daniel's status. The thought was perhaps a shunt malfunction, but none of the symptoms indicated that, perhaps ear infection independent of the shutn surgery, a virus making him feel sick  and irritable, constipation, etc etc. thing by thing we eliminated the obvious possibilities. Daniel SHOULD be feeling better, not worse for having the surgery done. I agreed!
Daniel took a nap this afternoon, ate reasonably well ( we still need that Mickey button and feeding tube ASAP...another story for another post but the kids all saw him laughing and being  happy again and recognized how different he is since seeeing Dr Matt this afternoon. When I picked him up after his nap he smiled, was not touch sensitive and didn't have a protest over diaper change time either!!  I've not heard a "Cat cry" or that whiney complainey cry Daniel has been doing since surgery either. .
How thankful I am that Daniel IS  feeling better!! How thakful I am that we were able to get the right care for the issue!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Yeah! So thankful! We, too, have seen the benefits of chiropractic. One of my babies was adjusted at less than 24 hours old. Really ... can you imagine how twisted up their spines are after birth?

:) :) :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm so happy to hear he is feeling better and I too LOVE a good chiropractor!

Hugs sweet friend!

Ranee said...

If you can manage to catch a photo of that sweet baby smile feel free to share it with us! I'm missing photo updates from you!

Denise said...

That is wonderful!I am so thrilled Daniel has found somerelief.Jaxson Just had the mic-key put in 2 weeks ago he aspirates something bad.It has been the best thing for him he Gained 4 lbs already.

triplehmoms said...

Fantastic, Linda. So grateful and thankful that Daniel's smile and voice have returned! Warms a Momma's heart, doesn't it?

Trim said...

I really believe in NUCCA chiropractic as well. I'm glad that you're okay.