Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Daniel story

We go out to eat   almost every Tuesday night at the restaurant where Esther is the Server Most Extraordinaire and we are pretty well known by staff and clientele alike for our  rather large but always very polite presence. Early on in our patronage when staff saw us coming they were  not always  so eager to be our servers but as time went on and they learned  we were "Esther's Family" and that we helped to clean up the table and surroundings and always said "please " and "thank you" we became THE  family to serve. More lately we have just  asked for Esther because its one of the few times that we can hang out with her.Anyhow, we are known. This week we were noticed by and approached by a family I'd not seen before, and who had not seen us before either so they must not be 6-8 PM  regulars, but I digress....
A  masculine voice from behind me said, " I hope I'm not interrupting your dinner. You sure have a pretty baby." At that moment as I turned to acknowledge the voice,  Daniel went into big seizure mode and became very distorted in his appearance. I saw that the man was holding a little boy in his arms, a boy of about 3 who in all his blonde blue-eyed super- cuteness, also had some visible physical special needs. I thanked the man and agreed with him. He proceeded to tell me that his little guy had a P1-N-6 or some combination of those letters and numbers  Syndrome and began to apologize as the boy got rather  agitated. I spoke to the little boy and asked if he wanted to see the baby, which he  did, but what he really wanted was to give me  a kiss!!! He was making kissey gestures toward me, and his dad was kindo fo uncertian howI'd respond. I asked it  were ok to pick him up, got an OK, scooped him up and he planted a big sweet one on my cheek. We talked for a short while about our boys and their various diagnoses, which led to talk of pediatric neurologists , neuorosurgeons, and brain surgery . TURNS OUT they use the same neurologist that Michelle Riggs referred me to and whom Daniel will be seeing in August. They love  her and said that they could not say enough good things about her and how pleased  we too, would be to have her caring for our baby. What a great "chance"  (thak you Heavenly Father!!)  meeting which I know will grow to something more in days to come. I'm so thankful that they came over to speak to us and so glad we could give positive affirmation to each other about the incredible value of our very Special children!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

How awesome is our GOD?

Love it!

Blog is back to normal :-0

Love you!

Bonky's Mom said...

WOW! I love this! And I'm so happy you met someone who understands special needs and how precious SN kiddos are...instead of the glances and stares kind of encounter!

Love you guys!

natali said...

love this!

Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

that is God through and through- yeah!