Friday, April 2, 2010

A little bit of Daniel news!!

From our agency director in Liberia tonight:  "I

was at the orphanage today holding Daniel outside on the porch and he

was smiling like crazy! He even giggled!!!!!!!! It was adorable an

precious. When you talk to him and gently touch his upper lip and

giggle with him he actually giggles! I think his head has stopped

growing not positive but I actually think it has. It is so hot here

but he is in great shape and his skin is solft and silky. The nannies

do such a great job with him."
 NO, it wasn't the good news that our most necessary document was finally signed, but WHAT A WONDERFUL REPORT ABOUT DANIEL HIMSELF!! How I praise God for this wonderful report and truly answered prayers for our sweet baby!! Every day we ask God to sustain Daniel, to do a healing work that will minimize or eliminate  his need for surgery, a protecting work to keep his health optimal even with medical care as limited as it is.  Reading  Patty's words, I just cried. Oh how I long to hear those giggles and stroke his precious face myself............... I can't WAIT  to touch his cheeks, kiss his sweet baby  feet, do the things that cause him to smile  and laugh out loud with joy!.How I hope and pray that after being loved on by his nannies for so long that he will transition  easily to being loved by us without a lot of trauma.  I've long seen that toddlers have a really tough time being adopted.They understand "Something" has happened which  has made everything different, but don't have the comprehension to understand adoption and don't have the vocabulary to ask or verbalize their emotions. For Daniel who has so many other issues, Ive been praying that God be preparing him on every level  for coming home and being our Daniel. I don't want those giggles to stop because he's scared out of his wits. The holidays apparently squashed hopes of any productive meetings last week; the word is again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Hope for Tuesday" PLEASE LORD JESUS, may THIS  be  T H E   Tuesday on which we see true forward movement: the signature to move our adotpion to a completed  signed on-the-dotted-ines  adoption decreed  adoption, ready for Visa investigation and issuance!  Thank You so very very much for Your loving hand upon Daniel!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Praying with you Linda- oh how I want Tuesday to end this journey and Daniel be in your arms forever!

Love you!

Donna said...

Praising Him with you for the good report on Daniel's health!!

Praying for an amazing end to your journey--SOON!

Delighting in Him

love2bmom said...

Praying TODAY and on Tuesday!!!

Ranee said...

Praying for the word on Tuesday! An Easter Miracle to get this little one home where he needs to be! I just can't imagine how your heart is aching to go get him for such a long time.

patchworkmommy said...

I linked from your comment on Mamma D's blog. What a sweet family you have! I adopted from AoH ( '06 and '08) . I sure hope your children can get home soon! I am glad to hear Daniel is doing good.