Friday, April 2, 2010

Garden 2010

My goal has been to have our garden in and started in the first week of April but almost every year something or someone (most often related to an adoption or adoption -linked trip) has backed up my plans. Some years it was purely the weather. THIS YEAR, with (sadly)  no adoption trip to prevent gardening and no sloppy flooded garden to grimace over, we are on schedule!!! Charlie got everything tilled up so nicely, and then tilled again for me when rain made mud and the first hot days of spring (high 80's) made brick of the garden spaces  before I could work seeds into the soil. Waving HI at Y'all is my veggie garden. Its about 20x30 and should be ample space for all I hope to produce this year. The fence panels and gate will go back up this week too to keep Aslan  the Golden Retreiver and his many many tennis balls out.

This space below  will be the corn patch. Its about the same size as the other garden plot,
Today I worked on the front flower  beds while the veggie gardens were a bit muddy from a rain last night. Tomorrow I will have the rest of the seed IN the ground and the starter plants in their little seed pods and greenhouse box. .
Excited about what all we can  grow, share, live off of, and put up for later........ The older apple and peach trees are in beautiful bloom, the new trees won't  produce much this year, but we will baby them along, Hopefully no critters will devour the grapes before they ripen , and that  no late fall rains destroy what looks to be a good pecan year. Looking forward to blackberries and mulberries to start showing up soon.  The chickens are back in good egg production  after a typical slow-to-no- production over the winter. We are expecting some more baby goats within the next few weeks. I LOVE spring on a farm!!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We are so sad that we don't have a house yet ... that our "old house" hasn't sold, so we can't buy our new house. We LOVE having gardens, and had high hopes to be living on a farm by now. We have a 20 acre place just a mile from our borrowed house that we are praying will still be available once our house does sell.

We are ready to plant gardens ... plant blueberry fields ... get a few farm animals ... The waiting is so very hard.

GREAT job on the gardens!

Laurel & the gang :)

Autumn Mist said...

I look forward to plotting your progress, you grow such different things to us. I am going to make more effort this year, and have bought myself a little portable greenhouse, but it's been so windy I am nervous about putting it up. It will be interesting to see what grows here. I am used to a chalky soil, and this is heavy clay. I will be grateful for a few radishes and courgettes. We already have lots of fruit to look forward to, as this was a fruit farm years ago, and lots of the trees remain. I am in charge of picking and freezing!