Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jael sank the van, or as my neighbor into whose yard she sank it said........

"Jael planted a van  in my yard!"

No there is never a dull moment in our household and that state of being appears to be spreading to the households of friends and neighbors! When this neighbor had a broken water pipe, she came and showered at our house. Now that our plumbing is out, she has graciously shared with us. This planting of a one ton van was intended to be practicing driving and taking a shower. BUT NO! What also transpired was that after we watched the tow truck pass our well marked house 5 times before the driver called to ask where we were actually located, he arrived on the scene and promptly sank his tow truck not far from the van! Thankfully I had sent Combat Engineer son Caleb freshly home from Ft Campbell to keep an eye on things. A grateful, albeit embarrasssed tow truck operator, took Caleb's instruction and was then able to successfully remove our van from Lori's yard!
Our plumbing is not completed yet, we do not have downstairs plumbing, I am still Shop-Vac-ing out the bath tub and shower stall every time we use the kitchen sink, but it is my hope that these are the last couple of days for this non-plumbing to be our status. We are all looking forward to more than one sink, toilet and shower stall for the 12 of us to use. THAT SAID, we are all extremely grateful to have those. If they were not part of a later addition to the house, we would be totally without plumbing!
I'm really sorry I didn't get photos of all my mini-daffodils and hyacinth in bloom yesterday when it was a sunny 72 degrees outside.They were beautiful! The stems of the 250 + new bulbs I had planted last fall were well on their way to being blooms this weekend as well..... Last night the temps began to drop and rain began to fall. This morning we awoke to about 3 inches of very heavy wet snow and temps of about 30. Trustfully on Monday when the warmth and sun are scheduled to return,I won't have a yard full of wilted frozen-to-death spring flowers and stems!
The snow sure is pretty, even on the First Offical Day of Spring!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Oh my!

So glad Lexi will NOT be driving for another year or two. We are thinking 17 yrs old is perfect to begin this new journey.

I am so happy to NOT see snow outside my window this morning. No matter how pretty it is - I am THANKFUL to see some GREEN grass!

Praying warmer days and daffodils in your yard!

Love you!

Jamie and Rusty Laird said...

Looks like fun. In Liberia they would say the van is lazy.