Thursday, March 18, 2010

Comings and goings and staying puts............

Caleb is coming  home from Ft Campbell Kentucky for a long weekend!RIGHT NOW!!!!  We have not seen him since January when he came home from Iraq  to complete his sad , unwanted, unexpected , unplanned, and  unavoidable, painful  divorce. He swore me to Face Book secrecy so that he could just come home and "Chill out". No problem!! He should be home in just a few hours and will be here until Monday sometime. We are all excited , even Leah who gives up her room for him to have a room to himself while she shares with Naomi and Rachel. He is so happy to just be home ;when I asked if there were something  special that I could fix for dinner while he was here:ANYTHING,   he said he just wanted  whatever  I was cooking because it would be good.  WHAT A GUY!!   He went before his E-6 promotion board last week  and tomorrow sometime  the board will announce whether the point requirement will stay where it has been or be changed at all. At this stage he has 110 more points than he needs.(Again, WHAT A GUY!!!)  Hopefully we will celebrate with him that April 1 is his long awaited  promotion day!!
Malachi and I bought  plane tickets for Cambodia  this morning for him and for  Sopheak's ticket to the US so she  can  officially become his wife and live with him  in the USA!!!. May 30th  is his departure is date and August 1st  is their return date together.   (Believing that her visa  appointment will be easily in the time frame Malachi is in Cambodia...)   SO EXCITED for both of them!!!
Jael is coming and going and staying put! She got her learner's permit  for  her driver's license this week. Shehas to have her permit for atleat 6 months before she can take her driver's test, so she is asking to drive  anywhere  with anyone for practice. A curfew buster the other night kind of killed the remainder of of her spring Break, but I am letting her drive with me when I NEED ot go some where.............coming, going and staying put.Tonight she is folding laundry, at home. Earlier today she drove us to Walmart, to the park and to the tire shop to pick up Esther.  Excited for her too as she reaches this important milestone in her young lady -life!!
Daniel? Still waiting unawares  in Liberia for a letter from a woman, who is a high ranking official in the Ministry of Justice to state that YES YES YES the judge may procede with an adoption decree  so that Daniel may come home. MAYBE TOMORROW??????????????? IF  IF  IF  if IF they get this letter  and sign his decree, I can go to Liberia and be back by/on/for  RESURRECTION SUNDAY! There IS time for what needs to transpire to take place by then.  Oh how I long for Daniel  to be home , and what  a wonderful holy  holy holiday for him to come home too.....Resurrection: new life , new birth.............pretty appropriate in my thinking! (Hope its God's too. I really want to be 100% in sync with my Lord!)
Our plumbing  is still out downstairs and will be out until maybe late tomorrow ......or next week. We  do not know yet. Its been five weeks  and I am quite ready for the rest of the family to use the down stairs facilities again , and VERY ready  for me to not need to use the shop vac to suck out the bath tub, shower stall  and toilets every time we use the kitchen sink. THAT has gotten really old fast. I am so grateful for the addition whose plumbing is separate from the original house structure so that we do have one working toilet and shower for the 11 of us and the steady stream of company who gravitate here. Last night, 5 extra people for dinner. and three extra  overnight. Tonight, only two extras for dinner and over night. God  has given me an extra measure of grace for sure to deal with this plumbing "thing" for as long as it has been an issue!!!

So, what songs has  God led me to for worship this week???  ON CHRIST THE SOLID ROCK I STAND ... ALL OTHER GROUND IS SINKING SAND!!!!   for starters!! And "I  Heard the Voice of Jesu Say'Come Unto Me and Rest'"   and "In Christ  Alone  my Hope is Found  ...He is my light. my strength, my song.............!!" and "HOLY SPIRIT  RAIN DOWN ....Let Your power fall, come and change our hearts    as we stand on Your Word..."  AMEN and amen ..............what anointed words God gave each of those writers so that they could impart those words to me, to us!!!  I know I could not be standing , much less walking , without my Sold Rock and His holy Spirit! How about you??? How is He proving Himself faithful to YOU? Please  leave a comment and share with me ? Thanks Y'all!!!!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

He has been so faithful to walk our family through some TOUGH stuff the past 8 months. He IS the solid rock that we have been able to stand on, while the rough waters surrounded us. We do see the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel, and we are trusting that he will bring us safely to the light, so that we can rest in His peace before the next rough waters appear.


Denise said...

I am praying things move quickly for Daniel...I would love to talk with you Privately.We are also adopting a special needs child from Liberia.My email important.