Monday, January 4, 2010

Smithsoup Christmas photos from 2009, updated

Christmas Eve we always open one gift, but after everyone has gone to sleep, the Mamma puts everyone's stockings together for Christmas morning discovery . Always much more about edible treats than toys, this year's stockings had the usual beef jerky, some favorite choices of candy, beef summer sausange sticks and a new choice: jars of baby dill pickles! The little toy things are fun to play with, but OH YES!!! PICKLES and BEEF JERKY...that's the vision dancing in my little ones' heads! Forget sugar plums...give us pickles. Here is Naomi telling Isaac he needs to WAKE UP and examine his stocking.
We had a real WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! Snow is not really very common in central Oklahoma ever, but to have snow on Christmas is especially unusual and for it to accumualate and last for days and days is really a rare treat for snow-lovers!!! Everyone was so busy playing in it that not very many photos of the players were taken!
As the snow kept coming down harder and harder, I was more and more convinced that I was NOT going out in it to take any photos! This was taken through the back door
The boys get ready to go milk the goats and play in the late night snow...wait till you see what Jael decided she "had to wear" to go out in that same cold snow!!
l Isaiah standing in the snow drift at the back door
Jael said that the snow just required a bathing suit and Santa hat. She asked that I take some just-for-fun snow photos. Shortly after I took the photos for her, the boys bombarded her with snowballs and she decided to come in. NOT the most modest photos I have ever taken,, I agree. Her bathing suits are usually covered with a t-shirt, but the effect would have been lost on the snow she insisted, so I did her photo shoot! ***Since I got some feed back about the bathing suit photos I took them down. It was not my intent to offend anyone.
In another Christmas outfit, here's Jael: Ausie bush hat, her friend's West Point Plebe Cadet dog tags, wrapped up in a very fuzzy blanket for a shawl, furry sleep pants and wedge heeled shoes: in plaid, to match the pants, if you please!! Life is just a lot of fun if you are Jael Shamar!


Never one to waste an opportunity or to pass up an adventure, Isaac decided to seize the day, and the snow, to build an igloo! He worked so hard packing the snow into a cooler chest to make "blocks" then he packed and packed and stacked and stacked to get this far on his Igloo. He's not done yet , days later it s still a work in progress! He has added to it since the photos were taken, the bitter cold has kept it all quite nicely frozen for him, if there IS such a thing as "nicely frozen"

We were invited to go on a carriage ride the Wednesday before Christmas. By the time our turn came, it was too dark for a good photo, but this was our carriage and driver and while it was SUPER COLD, it was a lot of fun!!! Thanks Dearingers for inviting us to share with you!

Can you see Naomi's face?????

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