Thursday, January 7, 2010

ALL about Africa and friendship

Still eagerly anticipating GOOD WORDS about Daniel's case, particularly one document which has taken a very long time to obtain, but we are holding out optimism that TODAY was THE Day. Received some precious photos of our baby boy today...we'd sent a package to missionary friends with a stuffed elephant for Daniel and a photo of us with him from wayyyy back in March. What it did to my heart to see him playing with his toy and to see our photo in his bed with him, well, there are just not always words to describe the ponderings of a Mamma heart, are there?

I am so absolutely totally ready, paperwork in the file ready, travel agent on stand-by ready to go get our baby boy!!! As soon as the green lights show up: those long awaited docs in order, the next steps taken and accomplished, I am on my way! BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE!! On one side or the other of the BRINGING DANIEL HOME trip, is the ETHIOPIA with Jill - trip!! My dear friend is completing the adoption of her new daughter in Ethiopia and has asked me to come with her on that trip. I was beyond humbled and honored for her husband and her to ask me and thrilled that it is really happening! We talked itineraries last night and goose-bumped together over this trip and goose bumped anew at lunchtime when the itineraries were sent out from the travel agency to the two of us. We see a lot of wonderful fellowship, praise and worship in our future as well as the forever uniting of mother and daugther! For her sake, I am very glad that another friend will also be in Ethiopia at this time so that SOMEONE can take photgraphs! While Jill is incredibly talented with a camera, I am much better at appreciating photos than at taking them, sadly. WOW!!!!! A month from today we will be in Ethiopia!! Its so amazing to think about. God has grown a friendship between Jill and me that has taken us into the more casual levels of a friendship/sisterhood as well as into the deep matters of our spirits. It was Jills' daughter Lexi we did our CLEAN WATER 4 CHRISTMAS party for. God has given Jill a deep love for the main characters in the "Malachi and Sopheak Story " which has made her a precious prayer partner with me for them. For two February birthday girls, this adventure is the birthday gift of a lifetime! We are believing that by then end of February we will BOTH have our children home!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Let's just say sometimes there aren't words as the friend of the Momma whose heart is so ready to bring her son home!

What a gift our friendship has been to me and I can't wait to hug you in real life!

I love you and will await your good news!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Linda. And we're praying for you to have your baby home soon.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying for some GREAT NEWS SOON!!!! I am sooo with you....and I know in your heart you were ready a long time ago...and as your heart grows and just can't wait any longer.....PRAYING!