Sunday, December 20, 2009


Charlie called me about 1:30 to say that Caleb was down on the ground, the troops were lined up in formation preparing to march out to meet the waiting families. At about 2, CALEB's name showed up on my phone screen and I got to welcome him home myself! BIG teary moment for this Mamma, and for the Dad too. Caleb was so thrilled to find his dad whistling for his attention fromt he ""Green Ramp" where the soldiers march from the plane. What could have been a very lonely time for Caleb was the next in our series of military family reunions. He should be home - HOME in time for new Year's Eve as near as he can tell right now.
We are rejoicing, grateful and excited to be able to say that YES ! Caleb is home, safe and sound!
Praising God