Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas season, the lighter side

I love to make wreaths for any and all reasons. This is what I made for our front door this year: poinsettias, gift boxes, snop drop flower sprays, a snowman, some glass ornaments, mistletoe and bells

This one I made for my mom's door at her nursing home . I had so much fun with beads and bells glass ornaments, stockings and that cute stuffed puppy dog! Of COURSE she had to have a stocking with her name on it! She will get it for a gift tomorrow night at the nursing home Christmas party!!

My sweet Grand baby! He did not smile once for the 30+ photos I shot of him in his Santa suit. He looked alarmed, bored ,ticked off, acquiescing, (Wow, spell check says I DID spell this correctly) anything but happy that I was talking photos of him dressed in a suit which kept bumping up on his chin and nearly "eating his face"
Yes indeed, "What happens at Grammy's STAYS at Grammy's!!

It is silly how many Photo Ops we seem to think are necessary for Baby C, but they are simply a fact of life. We do stumble into a few really good ones from time to time. THIS was not one of those times for a great Charlie smile either! Bit STILL to this Grammy's thinking, pretty close to a perfect face regardless


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

How precious!

You are REALLY good at the wreaths!

Love you!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the wreaths! He is a cute little man...even if it isn't a perfect photo!

Kat said...

Precious!!!! I totally want to see a smile!