Thursday, November 5, 2009

Praying for Fort Hood

I was totally stunned when I heard the news that a person or persons, had gone on a shooting spree at Ft Hood, Texas killing somewhere near 12 people and wounding maybe 30.This was so troubling to me. WHO would shoot their OWN at a military base ?? The answer to that question was rather frightening and didn't set well with me at all. As more bits of news came out, I had a few more answers, but they didn't help me any at all. I am not going to jump to a conslusion, but I have my opinions and they are very troubling.
OH how I am praying for the families of those who were killed or wounded in this terrible , horrific act of terrorism against our soldiers.
Caleb is serving with soldiers from the 1st Cav at Ft Hood. His replacements ...those guys who are coming next so that he can come home, are at Ft Hood. They are now among the dead and the wounded. It is a fact of war-life that your soldier may be among the injured or killed in this theatre of battle. It is NOT anticipated that a soldier should die at his home base , and certainly not at the hands of someone considered to be "one of their own".This is worse than war; Father God please have mercy! Give me Your heart as I analyze what I have heard, give me Your eyes to see beyond this day, flood me with Your love to react today and in days beyond........


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Oh Linda - I'm so very sorry to hear this news!

Praying with you!

Love and hugs,

Autumn Mist said...

This news has shocked and saddened us in England too. Our prayers are with your nation, and the families who have lost loved ones in these tragic circumstances.

Donna said...

My daughter's boyfriend is at Ft. Hood now. He is safe. But this has really shaken them both up. Again it is the thought of one of their own!
Lord grant peace in this time of trial!!

Duane and Karen said...

Linda, our nephew is at Ft Hood. We are so thankful he is alright. However, we pray that God will make these horrible circumstances good and bring those who don't know Christ to Him, inculding our nephew.

Laurel said...

Yes ... this has hit this military mama hard, as well. I keep reading every account ... and coming to my own conclusions.

My eldest son decided this week to re-enlist (after leaving the army 1.5 years ago). I have to wonder if the events at Ft. Hood were the last thing that made him want to get back in ... to "fight for his own". He knows a lot of guys at Ft. Hood.

My next son will be signing up with the Navy any day now. He will be going into Officer Training. He, too, feels called to fight for what is right ... to fight for our blessed country ... to fight against evil ...

How can we fathom that this evil has penetrated so deeply that it has raised up its ugly head from within the ranks of our own military. Very scary!

Only by God's grace ... do we send our sons (and husbands) off to fight this war, with our blessing.