Sunday, October 18, 2009

this n' that

All righty then.The wood stove has its new coat of black high- heat -withstanding paint on and is ready to be used if I wake up to one more morning of 51 degree temps in my bedroom. There is a nice stack of wood ready for use right next to the stove and the front porch has a great starter stack of wood. I HATE turning the heat on before Nov 1 but the global warming, er, climate change, is pushing me closer to abandoning my " turn -on date"!! Thankfully the electric blanket is working again this year and we don't need to buy a new one. So nice when things KEEP working when you are not so sure they will be! Since I SO love to be warm, and if the sun can't do it for me, the wood stove, thick socks and electric blankets will! Tomorrow is supposed to be 71, an average Okie October temp day and sunny too, so it is my plan to get those remaining 150 tulip bulbs in the ground by sundown!!
It was a great football weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed the games that we were following and the teams we were cheering for. Our Stillwater High School team (for whom my son-on-law Jon's brother David is the Quarter back) had a nice victory. Our OSU Cowboys played a late night game after Homecoming parade and all those fun festivities all weekend and they too won quite nicely against Mizzou. SORRY O.U. about Sam Bradford and his reinjured shoulder. I really like that kid, but the loss of the game?? That's "just business"
I got to baby sit for Charlie Friday night while Hannah took the girls to what OSU calls "Walk Around." Homecoming week is filled with fun , and the Sorority and Frat Houses go all out to decorate their houses in competition against each other. The work is very detailed and ELABORATE.So fun to "walk around" and check out all the work that the college kids have pit into their Homecoming celebration. It is also very crowded and it was COLD. Better for older little girls and not so good for a 4 week old baby boy. This Grammy was just fine staying home spending some time with the Grampa of the family! It was another great night forcrocheting on Charlie's baby-camo colored afghan too. I am ALMOST DONE!!! (Was planning on that flight to Africa for uninterrupted time to do that project...sigh)
I am loving following the Riggs' Family MAKE A WISH trip to Disney world this week Any of you who read my blog may also read WHERE LAUGHTER LIVES already. IF you don't, please take this opportunity to hop over there. You will be SO blessed by this family , with whom we are honored to be face to face friends. Brent's narratives as well as his photos are superb.
Calico Acres Farm is less one buck goat this weekend and I am quite happy about the population decrease. " Aaron " was big enough and it was his time. I hope that the family who will be roasting and grilling and stir frying their Chevon (meat of a young goat) thoroughly enjoys him!!
We continue to trust the Lord for a breakthrough for Daniel's case.....even this week. I know I have said this so many times but if I didn't have HOPE, I'd give up and then where would any of us involved in Daniel's adoption be? God has given me the faith to keep trusting Him throughout this very long period of uncertainty and unfullfilled promises, but in all those events and non-events which I have seen with my human eyes , there is the knowledge that God is not sleeping or blinking and He has it all planned out. I don't see how in my human understanding or why this has taken so long for such a needy child, but things that I also do not see are reasons why God has not opened all the necessary doors just yet. I choise to remind my self that God loved Daniel first and loves him even more than I ever will. My mamma heart and mamma arms long for my baby; God knows when He will have it all ready. My prayer is that this WILL be the week

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Praying with you!

It has been COLD COLD COLD here too!

Love you!