Thursday, October 15, 2009


If you don' know who Lifesong for Orphans is...go check out Lifesong for Orphans Let me tell you that I think they are AMAZING and they share "makes-you-pound-the-table-and-weep kind of passion that we in Smithsoup do for seeing orphan children come HOME. Lifesong offers adoption loans and grants/matching grants and they are totally founded on real Christian principals. For real, not in name or logo only, its not a phrase or a signature line. This organization of people LOVE JESUS!
Lifesong for Orphans is partnering with Gobena coffee and 100% of the profits are being reinvested in the lives of orphan children through charity programs.

YES!! 100 percent. I have purchased Gobena coffee and it is GOOD STUFF too!!!

So if you are trying to come up with aunique gift for someone- check them out.

( I brought Liberian coffee home as gifts in March, but its gone now, so guess what??)

Helping orphans and drinking, sharing, giving delicous coffee as a gift, does it get any better than that?

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