Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Praising God for one more answer to prayer!!

The 15 year old boy for whom we've been praying HAS BEEN MATCHED WITH A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been praying for him so fervently, and just now I called his agency to ask about him, and was told that YES a family is moving forward with his adoption ! PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!!! The thought of this young man with so much potential being "wasted" without the love of a family to stand beside and behind him was breaking my heart. I shared with Susan, the coordinator that we had been praying, that his photo was on our fridge and would she PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell his family that we have been praying FOR THEM?! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! "E" has a family! I am happy dancing for this young man and praying that God use every minute from the beginning of his adopted life to make up for lost time: being loved, loving, learning, leaning and that God will use him from up out of his beginnings to something special! Teary eyed and satisfied: I think that describes how I feel about this. I prayed, "God in light of all that is going on in and NOT going on in Liberia, are you showing us and yet a different direction...are WE , could we be, "E'S" family? " But no, we were part of the prayer connection. "...If we are the Body, why aren't our hands reaching?" the song asks. Right now I know that we were the part of the Body for "E" were were intended to be! Interstingly enough the kids were just singing "If I had TWO hands doing the same thing...." YES, two hands doing the same thing...KEEP USING US LORD. USE US UP!!!!!!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Praising God with you for "E"!!!!!

Love you,

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Salzwedel Family said...

Amazing! I am always so thankful when these kids find a family.