Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daniel update

The Liberian government IS doing what they all "Case Histories" a sort of government generated home study for lack of a better explanation. Its an analysis of the child's situation and approvability for an adoption. Despite the ongoing suspension on adoptions in general, they have agreed to start processing the cases of children who had final adoption decrees when the suspension was imposed in January AND the Special Needs children. YES , it is happening and Case Histories are being completed ! We received word this afternoon that while Daniel's case history has not gotten to its final destination, his case was approved! (this means they agree he is still an abandoned orphan and may be adopted) NEXT STEP I "think" will be his adoption decree, then getting his passport, visa medical appointment set up,getting all necessary docs to the Embassy for review, and I need to find out about a document called an I 600 which is part of the visa issuing process. Its processed differently in different countries and was processed differently before the suspension was imposed. I don't know if that was the "wrong " way or not ,but it was as quick as it was in Vietnam and Cambodia: a one day or so event from filling out, filing , having the interview and then coming back to pick up the approved visa and bringing the child(ren) home In some countries this process requires two trips: one to fill the I 600 out and one to come back for the child(ren) some weeks later. PRAYING this will not be the way it is for Liberia now and that as was suggested to me we maybe ready for me to travel within 6 weeks!
WE ARE PRAISING GOD that Daniel's case IS finally rally moving forward! We are trusting that he is maintaining his status and has not deteriorated too severely in the 7 months since we met him.
I will share more when there is more to share. For tight now THIS IS BIG, but its not a DONE DEAL ...YET! WE will continue to pray that all the next steps are smooth and come without too much delay! REJOICING for news about our sweet Daniel AND for "E" and his new family too! A prayer group friend is leaving tomorrow morning at long last to get her daughters in Haiti; she has been waiting for over 2 years!!! Another friend got word today that her petition to adopt a little boy in Ethiopia has been granted and she became a new mommy again today too. This gives me reason to rejoice for a LOT of families! Thank You Abba Father for all of this great news. WE do give You all the praise!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...



We are praising His name with you Linda!

Love and hugs,

Kat said...

We will continue to pray!!! That is WONDERFUL! God is bringing him home!

Denise said...

I am ecited for you!We are hoping to travel soon too!Our son has a completed adoption and we were told he will be comming home soon.I am happy Daniel is comming home soon too He needs his MOMMA.

Bonky's Mom said...

Oh Linda! Doing the happy dance over here!!! THANK YOU GOD!