Friday, October 23, 2009

News? Updates and prayers for a special young man

I don't know that the US State Department is reporting this yet, but here is what I have read from a second very reliable source ...
Update on Adoptions in Liberia

"Praise God for good news!

The following adoptions are being processed by the MOH in Liberia at this time:
1. Adoptions that had court decrees before January 26, 2009.
2. Special needs adoptions.
3. Adoptions of Liberian children by Liberians.
At this time, all other adoptions are still on hold under the moratorium until the Children's bill has been enacted and adoption agencies receive accreditation by the Liberian government. "
We are hoping and praying that this means DANIEL WILL BE COMING HOME SOON!!!! I am guessing that an Octobr home homeing is now solidly out of the question, but early November is better than later some other time, right??? It is not good news for Junior and Diamoh's adoptions at all, and that is so hard to think about from any angle.
MILESTONE AFTERNOON! I got Baby Charlie's camo colored afghan finished for real! Charlie wore it home from our house tonight after he and Hannah, Blake and Mady, AND Esther too, came for barley soup and home baked bread supper. MY photos were not very good so I will try again tomorrow.
I try really hard to wait till November 1 to light up a fire in the wood stove and/ or turn on the furnace, but this global warming thing is just not doing it for me ! This afternoon we started the first fire of the season and I have to tell y' feels marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am continuing to Pray for a young man who needs a family to find him and claim him as their own very soon! he's 15 and will age out for an adoption by age 16 in his country. His agency is very eager to place him in a family..................athletic, loves basketball, good student, kind, did I mention loves basketball................
Please pray for him too? I am sure he is hoping that lots of people are praying and that ONE SPECIAL FAMILY will know they are the object of those prayers. Maybe you know them!!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying for him...his family is out there!!!

Abby said...

Hey Linda,

I don't have your email handy but I wanted to respond to your comment you left on my blog!

Here is what we were told the fees are: Processing fees, which are $670 for each child’s petition and $400 for each child’s visa processing, or $1,070 per child, $3,210 in total.

So there you have it! Ouch! :)

God own's the cattle on a thousand hills-we have the richest Daddy! Thank goodness... :)


Amy said...

Still praying for your precious son to come HOME NOW!!! Love, Amy