Thursday, October 22, 2009

How can so much busyness result in so little to say?

This has been an incredibly busy week and considering that getting my 150 tulip bulbs in the ground was "supposed to" be part of that busyness and WASN'T, that is saying something! School this year is much more time consuming for me, than earlier years, for starters. As more of my children are reading, they are doing more and more school work which has with it a lot more listening time with each ofthem, they have more detailed spelling and language arts lessons, math is BIGGER this year for Leah and Isaac, with three more readers this year, more of the children are doing Bible study curriculum and needing one-on-one help. Its fun to see how they are progressing but wow! they keep this home school mamma on her toes!!!Helping our college kids with papers, projects, proof reading and editing for them has been a new biggie in my schedule too. The bad thing about helping any of my kids with any kind of research is that I LOVE to read and to research. I can spend a lot of time I do not really have, in tracking down a source or quote or finding a detail for or with any one of the kids.Learning is SO fun for me!!
I spent Tuesday at the VA hospital's "Urgent Care" clinic with Gideon after he reinjured his fractured back. PEOPLE, I may well be preaching to the choir to you who read my blog, but let me take this opportunity to remind you that IF the government is allowed to run everyone's health care in a manner close to how they allow the VA to be operated, we are all in deep deep DEEP trouble!!!!!!!!!!!
"That is all I have to say about that", in the words of Forrest Gump.
Got to baby sit Charlie some more this week. He is such a beautiful sweetie!!! He is so close to giving a REAL smile...its coming soon! I have also gotten to get lots done on Charlie's camo-colored afghan this week while waiting at the dentist during check-ups. I am TRULY almost done!!
I'm writing tonight from the Courtyard Hotel next to the Ford Center in OKC. Charlie and I took Naomi and Rachel to an exhibition NBA game between the OKC Thunder and Kings (from somewhere in California, but I forget where,like Sacramento maybe?). We ate out together, that was fun...being at the Ford Center was fun. The game? Not so much. Our Thunder guys were just flat tonight until the second half of the last quarter. Too much too little way too late. We really like basketball, we watch a lot of basketball,we were hoping this game would be a better game than it turned out to be. Oh well, next time maybe?
A lot of busyness, life is great. We are so blessed in so many ways. As life for us is pretty level(uneventful in the out-of-the ordinary-way) right now, I am certainly using that stability as my opprotunity to have more time to pray for others whose lives are not so "uneventful" . Our friends (and former landlord's) son is for the third time looking for a new kidney. Jonathan is 28, maybe 29 and the kidney his brother was able to give to him 3 years ago has been afflicted by a new round of infections. My friend Anita's husband is still waiting for his donor kidney, another friend's mother-in-law is not well and her father-in-law was just diagnosed with aggressive advanced cancer in his throat and other structures.Family and friends are struggling with troubled, attacked or even failing marriages. There is much for me to share in prayer with my friends! As we continue to wait for any news about Daniel's case, we pray for other families who are hung up in this Liberian suspension who have waited for their children even longer than we have. Deep on my heart is a 15 year old boy in Ethiopia who continues to hope for a forever family who will love and adopt him before he ages out to inadoptability at age 16, and a 4 year old Ethiopian boy whose adoption situation disintegrated and who with his own special needs desperately needs his real forever family to find him soon too!! I am itching to get out in my garden to plant all those bulbs because its a GREAT time to get alone with the Lord and fellowship with Him so we can talk about all these things and more. Few people of any age come out to visit with me when I am gardening (they don't want to be put to work digging and weeding so they avoid me when i get the garden gloves out)How many other people have a prayer closet which changes seasons and color schemes throughout the year!!? Barring rain, God and I have an all afternoon date for that great extra time together. I can't wait!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Big hugs and lots of love!

Joining you in prayer!

Wishing I had more time to just be outside with God too!

Homeschool here is keeping me busy too!

Praying for that news on Daniel!

Christy O said...

Can you email me and share about the 4 year old in Ethiopia?
Christy in WI

Laurel said...

You can add our family to your prayer list, when you're out in your beautiful prayer closet with the Lord this week. Walking through Tough Stuff.

Hoping that homeschooling for us will be a much easier year this year. I wrote a homeschooling post tonight, and have 2 more that will publish this weekend. Would LOVE your thoughts/ideas on Sonlight. I meant to talk with you about it when we were together, but had too much fun chatting about anything and everything else.

We LOVE you guys and TOTALLY enjoyed our time at your place.