Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaiah!!

Isaiah Guhn Kear Paul Smith, aka "Isaiah Cool"

For a year I worked on the adoption of Leah and Rachel, having been told that Isaiah was no longer "there" This photo sent to me, (the week before we traveled to bring the girls home) by a friend proved that he WAS still very much at the orphanage and a whole extra year of fighting governments to be allowd to adopt Isaiah with his sisters began. I call this the photo which stopped my world. God was faithful and that's how we are able to celebrate Isaiah Guhn Kear's birthday in the USA , permanently united, and reunited with his biological sisters as well as with his other Smith family sibs!

This is the first time I ever saw Isaiah; he is with his sisters. This is April 2002 and I had NO idea that when I saw this photo and then later met these children that they were already set aside by God to be our children!!! He is the boy in the left corner . Leah is the older of the children in the photo: she's the girl in the center and the next little girl over is our Rachel!

Malachi, working in Cambodia, stands in as our proxy and completes Isaiah's adoption !

Getting finger printed at his Giving and Receiving ceremony July 21, 2006

Isaiah singing praises to Jesus, still in Cambodia, at BYKOTA children's home

My sweet youngest son turns 11 today. His favorite color is orange (whether that has anything to do with being in Stilwlater where virtually EVERYTHING is orange or has orange as a focal color thanks to OSU's orange and black school colors, I do not know) but his favorite birthday gift is his orange Lamborghini remote control car, which sadly does not WORK and must be returned. He asked for chocolate cake with orange icing , an orange shirt and a few otehr items, but GUMBO and anything orange are the important details of the day.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Happy Birthday!!! Wow isn't it great that God knows what He is doing! Praise God for your precious gifts :)

Shana said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!!!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

My favorite picture is of Isaiah singing to Jesus!

Oh I can't wait to meet your whole family!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Hugs and much love,

love2bmom said...

Oh how I love this tribute to Isaiah. What an incredible journey to an incredible kid.
You are a blessed momma!

Ranee said...

How awesome! I remember when you were going for the girls and the bomb you dropped about their brother still there. Hard to believe he's home, having birthdays, and being so cool nowadays!

whenpigsfly said...

Oh Ranee, that photo STILL gives me goose bumps! I will NEVER forget Isaac saying "THAT IS GUHN KEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! " with te most incredulous tone in his voice.
How thankful I will always be for my friend Sallie who send that photo. She had no idea that when she asked me to check on the girl in that photo she was about to change our lives forever, yet that is exactly what happened!! What a blessing Isaiah is too, and how beyond adjectives it is to have that sib set be OUR sibs! I don't know how I would have coped if we had been the family who knowingly separated (with Government enforcement and direction) those sibs who were all each other had in the world. It was bad enough keeping them separated for a year!God really worked on some hard hearts to get Isaiah home!!

Charity Marek said...

Linda, the stories your family's so speaks of God's faithfulness and love. Your family continues to amaze me. Happy Birthday to Isaiah and may the others be home SOON!