Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a little news on Junior and Diamoh in Liberia

Our best family photo happens to have two other boys in it. The boy next to Junior, also sporting a huge friendly grin, is 13 year old Charles, and the boy popping the wink is Foster, also 13. These were among my favoite kids. Charles has a family waiting for him.

Diamoh absolutely loved it when her daddy gave her foot rides. She would laugh with absolute ,total delight at this simple interaction. It was a joy to see and a heartbreak to leave, not knowing when daddy and daughter would play this game again.........

NO, there is no news about the suspension being lifted by virtue of newly passed and signed laws, so based only on that, Daniel is no closer to being allowed to come home either. That said, there is some good news afoot. The village up the road from where Junior, Diamoh and the other Addy's Hope orphan children now live in their newly completed building, has a school. The village leaders or powers that be, have agreed to let children from the orphanage attend school there! The children have had virtually no schooling for a year, with a teacher on site doing her best, but she had a daunting job. I saw her work so hard with the children when we were there in March, but that's a huge job for one young woman to oversee. Yesterday I sent off funds to get our two Liberian children enrolled in school, to buy uniforms and supplies for the school year, and to hopefully invest in their future just a little bit more...........We have been growing more and more concerned that the longer the suspension is in place, the farther and farther behind the children will be academically when they do come home. God has enabled me to accomplish a lot with our other adopted children who also came home older than the age of 5 not speaking any English, or writing it either, and we are now nearly where I want everyone to be, in less than 4 years. If it takes till next summer , Junior will be 11. I have not started from scratch before with an 11 year old. Diamoh will be 8. I have done that, but its tough, for student and teacher. I know God will give the children the needed resources, and me too, but that is so much less time they have to be in school to learn so much essential material. I ache for them having to be so burdened through no fault of their own. We will be praying for the village teachers who are graciously taking on our children!!!!
Still no word about anything related to Daniel's case............praying fervently for him!!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

OH LINDA! Praying for your children!

Praying for their release and the freedom in which God sent His Son to give them all!

I love you!

Kat said...

We continue to pray for Daniel every time we pray for our own adoption...we pray ALL your children will be in your arms soon, Daniel's health, and for countries/laws/hearts to move.

Ranee said...

Great news on the school front!!! That's a wonderful opportunity for them to have schooling and I bet they are happy to get back at it as well!