Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not my usual genre, but there is a great message in this video, especially for the teens


This is a spin-off on a not-so-nice song if I understand it correctly, but a GODLY spin-off. Jael called me over this morning as I was getting my thougths ready for Sunday School and leading Praise and Worship to watch a vieo with her. I could hear a rap beat-"song" in the back gorundand told her that was not what I wanted in my brain as I got ready for church. She was adamant that I listen with her. I am glad that I did. I smiled, I laughed, and together we said a big AMEN at the end!
Have fun, share this with your teens and tweens! (Please don't forget to mute the volume on my Playlist before you start the video!)

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Shana said...

This was too cute. Thanks for sharing.