Monday, September 28, 2009

Photos from Thursday's back yard BBQ and Friday morning play time

Abby, Hannah, Rachel S and Naomi have their picnic on the trampoline!
Rachel and Hosanna D picnic sitting across the table from these guys:

Picnicking on the deck Isaac, Leah, Noah, Sarah and Ben

Ben joins the trampoline jumpers Above, a good jump or two while the eggs and grits are cooking, Below bad view finder /aim, part of a close up of the kids: a chopped off Sarah D, Leah, Rachel S, Isaiah, Isaac, Elijah and Josiah

Below: Ben, Noah, Hosanna, Rachel D, Sarah D, Leah, Isaiah, Isaac, Josiah, in front Rachel S and Elijah S, Naomi is missing

I have warned you: my photographic skills are not skills, even with a good camera. I have tweaked these photos as much as I know how; they are now better than when I took them, but , just not very good. HOWEVER, we had so much fun and I so enjoyed having our new friends
the Diacogiannis and the Riggs that I have to share anyhow. The kids had such a good time and are asking when their new friends can come back and visit again! Laurel has more photos on her blog too. Please go visit her at http://http// . Her photo of the kids all piled into Naomi and Rachel's room to watch a bed time movie is so cute. MY camera however, gave me a totally blacked out screen. BOO HISS!!! I mayscoot over there myself, do a copy and paste and come back "home!!"


Amy said...

You did a good job on the pictures- how could you not with all of those beautiful faces smiling at you? That is all that counts if you ask me. ;0) Glad you guys had a good time- I heard what an amazingly sweet mama you are! Praying for your family- Love, Amy

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I love that you all got to meet and spend time together!

I can't wait to meet you in person!

I too love the photos and couldn't agree more that you are ONE sweet Momma!

Love you,

Laurel said...

Great shots! Thanks for sharing!

Our kids, also, had a GREAT time at your place. We were BLESSED to find such a like-minded family of new friends.

Thanks again!