Monday, September 7, 2009


What a wonderful treat to hear my phone ring this morning and see my son Caleb's face and phone number light up the screen!! He was calling from Dallas, awaiting the departure of the last plane for home to OKC. How super to be able to talk for over an hour with no interruptions, no cut offs, no echoes, or static. Only clear talk!
Just now he called from OKC. Courtney had picked him up, and he is reacquainting with his bride, and Oklahoma. I am full of praises that he is here safe and sound! Having sent him over for this second tour, his brother Gideon for a tour, his brother Joshua for a lot of tours, and my husband for two tours, I take every minute as a gift, and none of those minutes or tours for granted. Life is so precious and I do not know why our family has been spared the inevitability of tragedy that comes with war, but we have. Each day when I thank God for my soldiers' safety, I pray for those families whose life plan included that unthinkable vist from the dress uniformed high level officers, the trip to the airport to welcome home a flag- draped casket, the funeral plans, and all that goes with the earthly loss of abeloved soldier. My mind flashes back to the blessed few funerals of friends we have needed to attend, andI am often over come by the unmerited grace and mercy which has spared us. Sometimes I wonder why "them".................but I know that God is directing our steps each and every day. So far our steps have not been on "that path" but I have also had to pray for preparation in case that day did come.
Caleb has 4 more months in Iraq when he goes back. Joshua has about 5 more weeks.
The yellow ribbons on my house and on my vehicles are a bit more obvious than my prayers, but both are part of my life. Today is a day of incredible thanksgiving for our family. It is also a day to pray for ongoing comfort for friends who have taken down their yellow ribbons. Please rejoice with me that our son has come home to reunite with his wife, relax, celebrate the soon-to-come birth of his nephew, and enjoy life! Please , will you pray for those families who did not get this celebration as a part of their loved ones' hoem comings?


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Praying with you - and PRAISING GOD for your son's homecoming!!!

Can't wait to see new photos of you lovin' on him again!

Love you!
Who is excited for you and all that is going on in your family!!!!!

Bonky's Mom said...

SO THRILLED for you and the time you get to love on your boy! I'm so thankful for his safety thus far and trusting the Lord to continue keeping him safe! Enjoy every single moment! I am so, so appreciative of Mr. Caleb and his service to our country.