Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have heard from several people who KNOW and Daniel was ill, but PRAISE GOD, he is better now and it was not related to his hydrocephaly condition, or related disorders!! Thank you so much to my dear sisters who were awakened last Sunday to pray for Daniel..................YOU were used of God to minister to our sweet son, and God was faithful in your obedience to His urgings! I still have no clue when he may be approved to come home, but am very glad to report that he is not sick beyond his "other diagnosis" which is quite enough thank you!PRAISE BE TO GOD that he has loving care takers and volunteers and that I have gotten some information. I can deal with bad news a whole lot better than I can with NO news. Aswe continue to pray for Daniel, please do pray for the staff at his orphanage because another special needs little 4 year old boy did die there last week from an infection. They are needless to say VERY saddened. He was cheerful dispite his deformities and he is being missed deeply!

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