Sunday, August 23, 2009

the water heater saga continues and is joined by clogged plumbing

So I bought a new water heater on Friday afternoon and Lowes very nicely delivered it early yesterday morning. Charlie has spent his whole weekend getting the old water heater out of its closet in the kitchen and getting the new one set up and working without leaks. He is the first to tell you he is NO PLUMBER and prefers to not do plumbing related work. Two of Gideon's pals who are former OSU football players (we are talking huge WALLS of men here !!!) came and moved the old water heater out of its closet and to out dumpster site. I was quite happyy to grill up several pounds of goat burgers to reward their efforts.This water heater has been a bigger project than we thought, and before it was completed another problem popped up to add to Charlie's disdain for plumbing and his respect and desire for, a professional plumber. Our whole plumbing system went out this after noon.....every pipe, drain and toilet backed up this afternoon. ALL our older guys were indisposed, none of our church men friends were answering their phones ( BEFORE they knew we were asking for help, guidance, moral support, prayer for a plumbing problem) and the welding of the water heater pipes had to stop so that an auger could be run to clear out the backed up plumbing issue. NO dishes were done...not in the bathtub or anywhere else. NOT ONE PIPE was running through. It could be long hair from daughters' heads, it could be old pipes, but I suspect that it is an over abundance of food particles trying to run through pipes not really intended for food at all.....but I can't prove it. The 25 foot auger only caught a small amount of hair and nothing else. Whatever, it does not change the fact that I had to take my mom back to the nursing home hours earlier than usual since I had no way for her to "go", that I had made an awesome roast beef dinner with all the favorite trimmings, masjed potatoes and gravy, roasted onions and carrots, and had a huge pile of dishes but could not wash any of them, and no one else could "go" either........
We have been washing dishes in the bathtub, boiling hot water on the stove or filling gallon jugs upstairs where I have hot water, and carrying it to the bathroom because the shape and size of our sink is not conducive to washing dishes by hand, believe it or not!! This is not fun for anyone. Having just one shower for 11 people has been manageable but congested. Our upstairs bath is on a separate hot water heater, so we are very thankful to have SOME hot water. I'm also helping Hannah with laundry right now because their washer broke down and died. With her working full time, she has not had the time or energy to come all the way out to our house and wait on laundry......................THAT part of the plumbing is unrelated to the inner workings of the hosue coz my laundry room is part of the newer addition to the house, as is our bedroom plumbing where I have a source of hot water.
Charlie just finished the hot water tank, it is not leaking anywhere. Tomorrow he will have to take off part of a day to rent a bigger auger and try to find the real source of out clogged pipes. Till then.........................oh you figure it out. Frinds offered to take my boys for the night to cut down on the number of people needing the plumbing but I decided that it was not fair that my boys got to "go" AND get out of chores too while leaving their sisters to fend with the broken systems and all the farm chores too. We are all here, making do, and doing the chores team style.
What is that verse I shared yesterday...He makes the path wider under my feet so that they don't slip??? PRAISE GOD! WE ARE ON A WIDER PATH AND OUR FEET ARE NOT SLIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time we had a plumbing problem, Charlie was out of state, it was pouring down rain and I did have to hire a plumber. THIS is (well maybe not for Charlie....sorry Honey!!) a much better scenario.
Praise and Worship was anointed this morning. Despite some sound equipment issues, the message of God's holiness was shared and honored. My new Sunday School class was fun and all my children read aloud! More new people joined us this morning and I sensed God really drawing them in to our fellowship. My prayer is that we , this part of the Body, reach where God's hands would reach and truly BE His ministry and His ministers to each person our Father brings into our midst.
It was so wonderful to sing "Holy Holy Holy " , "Let Every Thing that Has Breath Praise the Lord" "Agnus Dei" and "Revelation Song" and lay aside every thought of "stuff" to just lead , and to worship God Almighty. It was a precious time and really did help Charlie and me keep all these things in the right perspective. I may not have plumbing right now, but I know that I do have Living Water . Denis Jernigan wrote a song called "There is a Fountain" A phrase from that song runs through my mind..."there is a Fountain, Who is a King Victorious Warrior, and Lord of Everything Blessed Redeemer Lord of Everything!!!" Life is a bit awkward and inconvenient right now at our house, yes ,and in that and anything else which might present itself , I want to be so focused on my Lord that these "things" have no effect ony my attitude or my countenance

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