Wednesday, August 5, 2009

reading and listening preferences, and launching rockets!!

OK, so judging from the 0 comments so far about John Piper and Hillary Clinton's web page, I guess those are not things people who read my blog want to see or listen to? I'm just askin'...............If you do stop by, what is it you like to find when you get here? I don't agree with everything that Piper has to say, and I CERTAINLY do not agree with much that H. Clinton has to say, but right now, they are people who have some potential impact upon my life, and hence my blog. I will let you all know if H. Clinton's meeting with President Sirleaf has any real impact upon SMITHSOUP and the timing of adding new ingredients as sooooooooooooooon as I know!
In the meantime, we gave Malachi a really cool water rocket for his 21st birthday. Yes a plain ole toy for the celebration of his turning 21 at 5:05 PM on August 5.
The rocket blows up with an air pump, you place it on a launch pad, water goes in somewhere, air is pumped into the launch pad. The combined pressure of water and air cause the 10 foot tall balloon rocket to shoot WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up in the air, I'm talking more than 60 feet!!!! Its kind of a lot of work for one blig strainght up blast, but we got lots of laughs from it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALACHI STEPHEN!!!!


love2bmom said...

Whitney and I just read your post today. Whit wants you to know that her favorite part of your blog are the pictures of your family. She would also love to see your farm someday 'when you have time to show her'.


C and Whitney

whenpigsfly said...

I love photos too, and ANY TIME you want to come visit, we are ready!!!

Sarah Dawn said...

I just love to come and read! It's been a while since I lived in the US, but is H. Clinton in NY still? If so, I am going to our home church's missions conference in Sept. outside of Albany, NY. I would love to see you.

Sarah Dawn