Thursday, August 20, 2009

no internet for 4 days

because LIGHTENING STRUCK OUR SERVER!!!!!!! I thought they were just having more than the usual amount of connection problems, but not this time! they really lost everything in a storm on Monday night. We just got back up online within the hour.
SO speedy update.....NO word from Liberia about Daniel..........still................
but yesterday at 6 AM I got to talk to Junior and Diamoh on the phone, thanks to HollyAnn taking the time to make phone calls for us from the orphanage! they didn't say much, but the tones in both chldren's voices let me know that they were pleased to hear me speak to them. IT WAS WONDERFUL and so hard hard hard to hang up when we were out of time! I miss my children!!
SO now the "Burban needs a $580 water pump job, the kitchen/downstairs water heater has died but not until after leaking water all over the floor and soaking the sub floor to the point of squishy feet at the west end of the kitchen. For those of you who have adopted from Africa, you know what I mean when I say this sounds just like adopting from Africa!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully God's mercies are NEW every morning and even when I'm tired from not enough sleep and a sore said Tuesday I tore some Quad - tendons when it locked or when it popped..... those NEW MERCIES ARE KEEPING ME WALKING ON WATER and not taking in lung-fulls of big roaring waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Blessed be the name of the Lord! My heart WILL CHOOSE TO SAY
Lord blessed be Your Name!!!!"

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