Tuesday, July 14, 2009

when is a picnic NOT a picnic??

when the Mamma of the house helps all the kids get ready for the afternoon outing to the lake 9 miles away, puts the hot dogs in the microwave to thaw for easier grilling later, gets all the details tended to, even getting the email out inviting church folks to help a new couple with a move on Saturday,
and leaves the house.............thinking that the ever illusive "someone" got those hot dogs. No. At the lake, I set out drinks, started the fire, got out the skewers for hot dogs and marshmallows, we swam, the coals got hot. Malachi asked where the hot dogs were. SILENCE from the Mamma......"Mom? Are they still in the microwave?" "YES THEY ARE." Marshmallow sandwiches with ketchup didn't sound too appetizing so we came home and heated up the waiting hot dogs. The lake was very refreshing in any event. It was one of those 104+ days today and until I actually got in the water, I didn't think anything could feel cool today. Its fun being able to share lots of our regular Oklahoma outings with Sopheak and fun for her to have those memories for....................later, after August 6, but we won't talk about August yet. There is still a lot of July left. On a different note, Charlie is up in Michigan with Jael and Leah. Both girls got their first experience on a beach with REAL SAND. In Oklahoma, we mostly have rocks, or grass, no beaches like at an ocean or at Lake Huron. They loved the idea, but that water was too cold for our GRITS (Girls Raised In The South, if you don't know that acronym). They stayed on the sand.


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

oh funny!

that is something i would do - minus using the microwave and preparing hotdogs of course. LOL! i have been known to leave a few vital items behind on our big fun family outings.

so glad sopheak is having such a blessed trip here!

love you all,

Kristen Love said...

Ha ha! Cute story...great memory for your kids because you have such an awesome attitude :-)
Thanks for sharing!

Deborah said...

Your blog is so pretty! I'm stopping by from Anita's blog. I enjoyed my visit, and can relate to the picnic story !! I think that thinking of lots of things at one time is a "gift" that God gives to those of us who love big families...and your family sounds like mine - they had fun ANYWAY!!